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Working with an Incompetent Endocrinologist


I just started trt therapy. 5 years ago my total test came back at 87. At the time I was a 29 year old male. I went on cream for a while and brought it up to 500. I couldn’t stand using the stuff so I decided to hit the gym as hard as I could and quit the cream. I’ve been working out for 4 years and my test levels two months ago were 300. That’s as high as I am going to get them working out and doing everything on my own.

I feel I am working with a very incompetent endocrinologist. This lady has me on a hundred milligrams every two weeks and I am crashing like a mother a week and a half in. I had my blood drawn again and test came back at 340. Does it sound right to you or is this even a therapeutic dose of testosterone? From what I read literature and things like that 100 milligrams a week is a basic dose? What are your thoughts?


Test cyp shots of course. Forgot to mention


Cyp ionate has an slow release of T with an active life of around 2 weeks and normally used by beginners who have never injected (Propionate is a fast release of T within a couple days, but the shots hurt like a MOFO)…

100mg every TWO weeks of Test Cypionate is nothing. Sorry… A usual ‘beginner’ cycle using Cypionate will run you around 500mg per week, not every 2 weeks…

Physicians are overly paranoid about prescribing and injecting Test. Even if your numbers are completely in the toilet, they’ll still prescribe you just enough to get you a basic hard on and nothing more. You’re also 34, so you’re likely starting the Test decline for the rest of your life. Women call it menopause, but for guys, we’re just told to suck it up for some reason… Call it a double-standard or whatnot, but I’m not going there…

I’m glad you got someone that is actually prescribing you Test, as most will just tell you to man up…

As for me, I don’t want to have “normal” levels for someone that is 47 (my age) - I’d prefer to have levels that would be normal for a 30 year old. For you? Maybe it’s the 20-25 year old level you would feel optimum at. Regardless, when you start to feel amazing, waking up with morning wood, feel like you can take on the world and are full of confidence - that’s the level of Test you want…


Thank.you.for the reply. I feel as though this dose is shutting me down and making my symptoms worse than.before. Anxiety, heart palpitations, lazyness, no sex drive. If I was at 80% before im.at 40% now. This isnt fair…im not looking to abuse, just get my levels where they should be. Any suggestion??


Start from the beginning. Read the stickies, and post all the labs that you have. You seem young for primary hypogonadism and being on T injections. If he’s as incompetent as you say, a SERM may be better for you at this point.