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Working With a 5/16 Chain


Is that too big of chain to get? I looked in elitefts but the shipping and time it takes to arrive so I decided to buy it from ace hardware. If so, how many feet should I get?


I don't recall if that is the thickness of chain that I use however what I have weighs about 20lbs per five feet and that is the length I use. Ask for low tensil strenth chain as that is much cheaper.


5/16"? That's way too small, elite sells 5/8" chain, i believe that's 20lbs per 5' length, and i believe going with 1/2" (I think the standard is to measure by the diameter) drops it down to 10 lbs/5' - 5/16" would actually be barely larger than the feeder chain you loop through


i do not recall the size I think I might be wrong cause the chains were big. Wait i think it was 3/8. Yes 3/8 is that too big?


Also whats wrong with getting it too small it it were 5/16.


I dont mean to insult you, but I have to question if you really understand a) the concept behind chains and b) fractions. You asked "3/8 is that too big" after I pointed out that elite sells 5/8." Then you asked "whats wrong with getting it too small it it [dont know what that's supposed to mean] were 5/16." If you attach one chain, of 5/16" to the bar, you wont be adding any significant amount of weight, and you wont be accomodating the resistance. Unless you want to get five or 6 5' lengths of chain, in which case, that's your business


Ya sorry I userstand the concept of chains I just do not understand the sizes and what it means. Ya getting something so small would look dumb. Thanks.