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Working Upperbody

 Upperbody workout once a week.

Steeve Reeves has probably the best frame to put his muscles on of all time, those are lofty standards. I dont know man, putting an inch of height to your biceps would give your arms, for example, a huge circumference. How long have you been training?

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Can you edit your post so it isn’t in the box? It wasn’t clear there was more text than this: “Shoulders are roughly 20-21 inches” and when you realise there is, it’s a dog to read.

yes, it is possible to increase the size of your shoulders



Were Reeve’s shoulders nature or nurture?

Dude seemed pretty convinced that those Reeves Deadlifts made his shoulders wider.

Maybe big rear delts are the key to side shoulders?

Dude, why not make this simple and do the same shit every bodybuilder does: train your shoulders once every five to seven days with a press and dumbbell and/or machine lateral raises for three to four sets each of 8 to ten reps. Then wait and see if you wind up with the measurements you seek. How the heck do you or does anyone here know what measurements you’ll wind up with?


Just wondering what are realistic increases.


You are good to go.

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How about you focus on training your WHOLE body like a bodybuilder for five years and then see what your shoulders look like!

Here’s the top secret formula:
Small muscle groups: two to three exercises
Large muscle groups: three to four exercises (back might need up to five)
Sets: 2 to four sets
Frequency: once every five to seven days
Use compound, isolation and machine exercises that hit your body for YOUR needs.
Sequence exercises appropriately.
Split the body over four days.
Reps: 8 to 12 most of the time, sometimes 6 to 8.
Lift two or three days on, one day off.

There: I just gave you the top secrets of every alright bodybuilder, from the decent to the elite!

As for nutrition, eat protein and carbs four to six times a day with veggies and a small amount of good fats. Again… Like every bodybuilder on earth!

Anymore detailed guidance requires you read up and learn from associating with bodybuilders or hiring one to do the brain work for you!

Do this for five years and see what your shoulders and rest of your body looks like. Then you can worry if your delts are not popping enough, not when you’re asking questions for results people can’t predict!