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Working Up to Planche Push-Ups


Can anyone do these?

And does anyone know progressions for them? I want to get on this and hopefully be able to do them in a few months.. Thanks :slightly_smiling:


I never tried them. Done plenty of planche sit ups and reverse planche from the pullup bar, so it might be fun to try.


That's nuts. I would LOVE to see someone over 200 lbs pull that off. I know it's not gonna be me though.


Yeah, I'm about 180, I figure if I set out and dedicate myself to this I may be able to pull it off..


No chance unless you don't have legs or are 4'6". In a few years years maybe.


Or as soon as you can straight arm front raises with 90 pound dumbbells to about 60 degrees with no swing.


Planche Progressions:

Frog Stand
Advanced Frog Stand
Flat Tuck
Planch Half
Then start working on the pushup

You should be able to hold for 60 seconds, each progression, before moving on to the next.

Train 3 times per week..Each progression hold a cumulative of 60 seconds until finally you get 60 seconds.

I have seen 220 lb males do planche pushups. SO don't fear.

Coach Sommer has an excellent book on it just out - don't buy the videos. They are not worth it. The book has everything you need.



If it ain't on tape it never happened! LOL


There are some surprisingly big guys that can do them. But they didn't get there in a few months.


True - many times they started with the ability to do them when they were lighter and just kept the skill.

I think most people can do them with the muscle they have - for me, the issue was figuring out how and what muscles to activate. Not that you don't have to be strong, you do - but there is a lot of coordination that goes with it.