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Working Up to a Max Squat


For those who squat every day (namely Koing and GqArtGuy) how do you normally work upto your maxes. Or more to the point am I doing it right...

My max is 160, I tend to go.

Bar x untill I feel ok
40 x untill I feel ok
Then what ever I can manage, normally.
Then 152, or 155, or 160 if it's a good day.

That seem about right?


Depends how much warming up you need to do and the time of the day...

evenings, my back is more with it

bar x 5-6
60 x 2
100 x1
130 x1
150 x1
160 x1
then I hit 165 or 170 and then go more if I am feeling on it, then drop down for 2 doubles...

I was doing 140 > 160 jumps earlier as well but I need to regain more strength first.

Mornings I'll do a few more like so
bar x 5-6
bar x 4
60 x 3
100 1-2
same as above

End of the session I can go

When I hit 180 I went 160 to 180. Just felt f0cking on it.

Looks about right, but I'd say too many with 70, but if you need to do 5 then you need to do 5. Just do the minimun to squat so you don't break yourself when you go heavy :slightly_smiling:



Thats fine. You want to get to maximum within 4-7 singles. I just warmup with a lot of body weight squats and a little bit of mobility stuff if I need it. Then I Ill do 70 for a triple then singles after with 120, 150, 170, 190 then maybe 200. Ill usually do doubles but its acceptable to do 1-2 more singles with the daily maximum or 5kg less if youre trying to hit through a wall and suck at max singles. For example, I have a friend who can do 90% of his daily max for doubles on end, but if he does 95% he can barely grind out a double unless hes amped and its a good day. So for him, he doesnt do many doubles, but rather 2-3 more singles to get better at lifting at 95%+.


Cheers for that fellas.