"Working Up to a Ballbuster Final Set"?

Hi, anyone knows what “working up to a ballbuster final set” mean? does it mean a dropset in final set or?


It means you warm up to a weight you want to use and do one set of as many reps as possible. Depending on what you want to achieve, this can be one set of deadlifts with progressive weight each week or you can keep the weight the same and just work on higher reps.

Do you by any chance refer to this instruction in the “Arnold’s Agonist-Antagonist Training” program/article from this site where it says to do 4 sets of 8 reps on squats “working up to a ballbuster final set”?
No, this does not call for a dropset or anything like that. I would think it simply means you do four working sets, increasing the weight for each one, and aim to reach a weight on the fourth set that is the most amount of weight you can move for this amount of reps. At least that’s how I interpret the instructions.


lol yea it was from that article, now i have two diff answers one from furius n one from u, wondering which one is correct :smiley: thanks anyway man

In the context of that article, I’d do what Dick said. Increase the weight each set, hitting your 8 reps in each one, and on the last set, you should be grinding, straining, and working ball-bustingly hard to finish your 8th rep so that you couldn’t possibly do a 9th rep.

There’s only one leg workout per week, and we’re talking squats, so go all out.

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ok thanks. yea i wont skip it cuz i really like deadlift n squat

They say 4x8, but the first 3 sets of the 4x8 are with weight you can do like 20,15 and 10 times. So it’s like 1x8 but with a good progression before it. It’s not 4x8 with your top weight. That’s pretty much what I do all the time but I don’t call it 4x8 or 5x8 or 8x8. 8x8 is a little exaggerated but it would be for example the first 7 sets with increasing weight you could do let’s say 20,18,15,13,11,10,9 times (or whatever) if you were going all out.

You have to be cautious what those guys write in their program. I really don’t think those 50’s or 60’s guys did 70 sets or whatever it is of their top weight like it is said in the recent article. They just did alot of sets in their progression. How much set they really did with a maximal reps for a heavy weight we don’t know and frankly I don’t care.

It’s the same answer. It doesn’t matter if it’s really 7,8 or 9 reps in the end.