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Working To Be A Coach

3 years ago I realized that more than anything I want to be Coach/Trainer. I love the marital arts and have been doing them most of my life. When I started competeing nationaly and internationaly, I realised that to win I would have to get stronger and faster, so I started weight training, and i fell in love with it.
Right now I am in my second last year at a school away from my home in T.O., of a Honours Psycology Degree, with a minor in Biology. My plan is to get my ACE cert this summer, and finish my degree. Then move back home apply to be a part time student at U of T, and work my way to a excersice science or Bio degree. While I do that work part time as a personal trainer, my kung fu sifu, who I have been training with for almost 10 years, also own a gym, so I could get a job training there and I already teach MA classes when my sifu is away. In addition I still have ties with the gym teacher at my old high school, so I would also offer to do some volunteer work with the sports teams there. This is my loose 5 year plan to get established, and I want to know if people have and suggestions, other than working on my grammar and spelling.

Good luck.

I’d ask your sifu (I had no idea what the hell this meant until I googled it 5 seconds ago) to let you work in the gym now, if only to get a feel, and if you have any friends who already work in the field who you feel are competent ask to shadow them.

Other than that, read and read and read. Starting Strength is a good resource to lay a foundation for teaching people with different abilities the basic compound lifts.