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Working Through Shoulder Injuries

Well, 18 years of lifting and my age finally caught up to me. I have sever shoulder pain now with all bench press type lifts. Looks liek it’s break time from those lifts.

It’s going to be a tough few weeks. Any suggestions on how to keep motivated? I’m trying to do other lifts, but I need to take it easy on the shoulder. Any alternative lifts that don’t put too much strain on the shoulder?

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Thanks man, I can see this being fairly productive.


I will try it tonight to see if I can do it without pain.

Sounds to me like you may need to go see an orthopedic surgeon. I had the same thing w/ all pressing movements and found out I had an impingement in my A/C joint. I had the surgery to fix it and I couldn’t be happier. My bench has increased as well as my squat w/ my new fresh clean A/C joint. To counteract the shoulder pain you can do face pulls and rows after pressing movements to build the rear delts.

Does your pain occur during/after workouts or is it chronic?

Same thing- I got an impingement of the ACH and it hurts like hell sometimes. I was told to strengthen my rotator cuff and the problem should subside. You should also look into anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and fish/flaxseed oil.

External rotations my man. Why have surgery when you can just correct the imbalance?

Cuban rotations are good too.

I second the external rotations. I’ve started using them and my shoulder feels better & tighter than it has in a long time. I even flat benched yesterday for the first time in months.

I’m going to get an ultrasound next week, definitely sounds like the same thing you guys experienced. I’m laying off any heavy shoulder work for a while. I hope I don’t need surgery, that would suck, first shoulder, next thing I know I’m going in for a hip replacement. Age has finally caught up to me.