Working through Imbalances/Weak links

I am currently cutting, and have been using EDT for Fat Loss. Things have been going well, but as always I reach a peak where inevitably some weakness keeps me from going farther. This time its clearly my lower back strength which is keeping my max squat from going anywhere. Its gotten to the point where my legs barely get a workout because the weight I am doing has to be less than they can handle because of my comparatively weak lower back. There are a number of ‘problem areas’ like this which I would try and workon. The problem is I would like to continue cutting at the same time meaning that to try and hold onto as much muscle mass as possible I would need to be going heavy, something that for the most part is gonna be difficult while trying to correct the weak links. I am sure others have run into this problem before. What kind of routine did you use to get through it? My idea is to maybe do a couple sets of high intensity stuff followed by a bunch of stuff on the weak links using things like 1/3, 21’s etc but I am sure there are those of you with better ideas than me.

YOu can still hit the right exercises while dieting. And you can still make strength gains while dieting.

Having said that, if you’re not already doing these, add in good mornings and reverse hypers to your workout. These will help with your lower back ‘strength’, if that is what is your limiting factor.

Yeah. wont be working out for a little while. I went to my hockey game tonight and dislocated my shoulder for the 8,000 time, going to get an MRI tommorrow and take it from there.

Oh man, that really changes things doesn’t it? Ok, forget my suggestions.

Sorry about your injury. I hope you heal quickly.

I appreciate the help though. I will see what the doc says tommorrow.

just wondering…why were you squatting on EDT. Did you change up the exercises? The EDT phase 1 &2 i read said to use machines etc.

EDT Fat loss not regular EDT. You are supposed to pick three core exesersizes…Mine were Bench, Front Squats, Push Press, and I kind of figure that back strength is my weakness cause I am now doing similiar numbers on Front and Back Squats…fucking shoulders.