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Working the Muscles Around the Elbow


How do you specifically train the elbow extensors/flexors? Will that kind of training cure tendonitis? I've had it for almost a year now, and it seems to be getting worse.

I really don't have the time to shop online for a Thor's Hammer and do those tendonitis-specific exercises.

What precautions should I take pre and post workout? Icing seems to help..for the time being.


The only thing that ever helped mine was leaving it alone for awhile. I stopped training anyway that hurt, and worked around it.
Try adding in a bunch of fish oil to releave the inflamation, massage and icey hot help as well but from everything I've read RNR is the only "cure". That said, I've also read that it never truely goes away and can come back about any time.


elbow flexor = bicep

elbow extensor = tricep.

I developed some tendonitis a while ago, I treated it by icing it, then directly heating with a hot water bottle. I'd repeat this about 10 times, and do it no less than 4x a day. Fixed it really quickly.


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A bad case of tendonitis is what initially got me living on fish oil capsules. Throw in some ice, alieve, and back off on your frequency for a bit, and hope for the best.



Elbow sleeves might help??? I cant speak from personal experience though.


Yea it really did, it was an occurring problem too that came up whenever I started training again. I asked the gym owner and he told me to do the contrast stuff. Within a week or two I was back training at full force.


if you want to hit the tricep muscle right by the elbow do skull crushers.


Anytime my gives me problems I throw on a sleeve seems to keep it in check. Not sure if it's the added heat or stability that is the key but it sure helps.


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I left the cold on for about a minute, then the heat for a minute. The whole thing took about 20 minutes total.

I used to do it in the kitchen next to the freezer and used a fresh ice-pack whenever I needed to.

Also use some tissue or something under the hot water bottle so you don't burn your skin.


Agreed, #1 rest it, it's inflamed. #2 Ice and anti-inflammatories like aleve, ibuprofen etc. #3 Starting taking high doses of fish oil. Also, can you account for any specific exercise or movement that seems to be irritating it? If you can identify something specific and stay away from it, you'll be one step closer to being injury/pain free.


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My tendonitis was relieved through Trigger Point Acupuncture. Don't scoff! It has its basis in western physiology and is very effective.

Basically, the practitioner (for me, a chiro) will palpate the area for trigger points. A good one will have an idea of where they should be anyway based on the presenting problem. Once finding them, he will needle those points.

When it's done right, the muscle twitches and you feel a dull, throbbing pain. After 3 weeks of this, I was doing everything I was before the tendonitis with the exception of pull-ups. After a few more weeks, I could do pull-ups again. For my problem (tennis elbow, pain around my elbow joint) those were the acid test, he said.

If you live in Northern NJ, I can give you a referral.

I wouldn't be surprised if ART produced similarly good results since the principles are somewhat similar.


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Make ice or get one of those big ass bags of ice that they sell at the grocery store. Get a big ass bowl and put water and the ice in it then submerge your elbow.


Skull crushers may be one of the culprits that started it all!


cold/hot therapy in the same session? i thought it was hot therapoy pre-wortkout, and icing post-workout.

so what i should do is alternate cold/hot in the same session along with some iboprufen?


yes, do what i said, 1 min cold, 1 min hot, repeat 10 times each for total of 20 minutes.

don't make this too complicated.


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