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Working the Center of Your Abs?


Right above your belly button.

Also when doing core is heavy low reps greater than light more reps?


1st question, not sure if I know of an exercise that would target the center more then the upper and lower. But then again I'm pretty sure you don't need to target that. Just make sure your working your core effectively. Personally I like using the ab wheel, db side bends, and back raises.

2nd, Utlize both, but since you didn't list numbers, I'll say don't go too extreme in either direction. For example, you don't want to be doing heavy triples, or sets of 50 either. I like to stay in the 8-12 and 15-20 range.


Abdominals are one muscle so train them as one.

What are you trying to achieve? Endurance, strength, hypertrophy?


I usually try and keep it in the 10-12 rep range, ideally. With core I read quite a bit about no min/max repetition and instead to go all out whatever that may be.

I'm thinking this is because it is our center of gravity perhaps and training it differently can achieve greater results but I don't understand it.

Ideally I would like to be a combination of strong, fast, and long. Training the core as 1 muscle is a simple yet great way to look at it.

Maybe the core is just a more difficult area to target and get results from. Therefor training them more is an important rule in chasing that ever perfect physique.


luck with the long


heavy hgh-rep front squats


The rectus abdominus are one muscle group. The abdominals are multiple.

Theres also the transverse abdominals. Strengthening these will shrink the waist more than anything else besides fat loss.

Theres also obliques, and serratus.


Rectus... dominus...


That is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion OP, if there was any.


i'll train abs 3-4 days a week, hitting different sections each day. Something like hanging leg raise variations one day w/ DB side bends, weighted decline situps/russian twists, then stability work like planks and ab-wheel roll outs. SOO many different exercises for abs, do some for a couple weeks, then switch up your routine and do different ones. i find that has worked best for me.

swiss ball pikes are EPIC.