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Working the body as one unit?

Who here works his or her body as a whole and who uses a split routine? I have changed my routine (probably because I have just begun olympic weightlifting) to three full body workouts per week. Every workout includes 1 squatting exercise, 1 pushing exercise and 1 pulling exercise. A different exercise is used on each workout for a week. Although I always uses 5 sets of 3-5, I cycle intensity between heavy days (building up to a 3 or a 5 rm), medium days (all five sets of five at the same weight, only after all reps in each set are completed is the weight raised) and light (or speed) days – 5x5 at 60-70% of 1 RM.

A typical week might look like this: MONDAY -- Back Squats, Overhead Presses and Pullups; WEDNESDAY -- Deadlifts, Steep Incline Press, Bent rows; FRIDAY -- Lunges, Upright row, Dubmbbell pullovers. (OWL technique, abs, lowerback and rotator work is performed Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).

So what sort of splits do you guys (and gals) use… and what do you use them for (i.e., sports, BB, PL, OWL, other)?

Mondays: power snatches & snatch pulls Wednesdays: power cleans & clean pulls Fridays: back squats. On all 3 days I do oh db press & grip/forearms & that seems to work everything. I think it’s better to use whole body lifts because it teaches the body to work as 1 thing rather than a bunch of small things put together.

I’ve gone from the one-body-part-a-day to a standard split, to my current two full body w/os a week with another periphery day, and I’m considering going to a different split in the near future.

Fridays or Saturdays: back squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, reverse hypers, ab work(hanging leg raises, reverse crunches) - and maybe some leg curls (me, but not Ko - he might do Good Mornings). Sundays: chest (flat bench, incline DB presses, either cables or flat bench flyes), tris (dips, pressdowns, kickbacks), ab work. Optional (for me) day: front squats, pullups, Arnold presses, hyperextensions, abs. I might throw in a fourth day - but lately have preferred to stay home and jump rope.

Right now I use the Olympic lifts (and their variants) everyday as a warmup and to work on technique. Once I start actually using real weight on the OL’s, I’ll probably add or substitute one of the OL’s (or a variant) on every day of the three training days. What sort of intesity progression do you use? I read in the Encyclopedia of Weighlifting that the Russian coaches suggested the following for three day training (not in this progression) (1) L-H-L; (2) L-M-L; (3) M-H-M; (4) H-L-H; (5) H-M-H; (6) M-L-M. Also the following volume suggestion was made: Day 1: 28%; Day 2: 24%; Day 3: 48%. I am curious how you arrange your three-day training in terms of intensity and volume and what sort of progression of intensity (if any) do you use. Thanks!

I’m not concentrating on my squat, so I guess friday is a lighter day than the other two, especially since my back is crippled from the workouts earlier in the week. On the snatches & cleans I do 3x5(each one heavier than the last) then 3x3 with the top weight. On the pulls, 3-4x5(same as snatches & cleans), then 3x5. I increase the weight 10lbs or so when it starts to feel light. That’s usually 1-3 workouts. As for intensity, its probably 85% or so. If I can’t do reps continuously I’ll do them with a bit of a pause. Most of that stuff is from that article called You Need a Stronger Pull from the Jan (I think) Dnosaur Files, with some changes.

3 full body workouts perweek. I hate split routines. Same lifts everyday. I still have to figure out what is wrong with my back then GOD willing I can squat again. Waaaaaaaa. :frowning:

Monday: Upper body, currently chest/back (flat DB bench supersetted with bent rows, incline DB bench press supersetted with chins).
Tuesday: Quad-dominant, currently front squats, static lunges, and part I of Luke Sauder calf routine.
Thursday: Upper body, currently DB press/DB curl superset, upright rows/close-grip BP superset, Preacher curls/overhead ext. w/easy curl bar superset.
Friday: Hip-dominant, currently deadlifts, snatch pulls or hang cleans, good mornings, back ext., and part II of Luke Sauder calf routine.