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Working Same Stuff Two Days in a Row


will it be counterproductive to my progress if i am working out my upper body with the same routine 2 days in a row?

I have been doing this regularly as my trainer suggested, but I am concerned it is not good. (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)

a little help?


Generally you need some time to recover bud.
For me, I allow at least two days in between before I work the same muscle group directly again.
Try turning “upper body” into more of a split. Maybe Back/bi’s monday, chest/tri’s tuesday, legs/shoulders wednesday … you get the idea.

Find something that works for you.



Your body should adapt as long as your training volume isn’t too high.


Depends what ‘upper body’ means. The exact same workout?


The trainers, a.k.a. douchetools, tell you to do that routine every day because if you are an extreme beginner it kinda gets you active and working, and there can be some benefit for a beginner. And they’ll want more money later to show you anything of value. But there’s seldom any value in doing the same thing every day, and if you’re serious it should not be even possible to do the same thing every day, you should be way to sore. Figure out a split or if you do FB then do every other day at least and lift hard.