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Working Retail, Feeling the Pain


i recently got a job after being unemployed for a year and a half. im working retail and im on my feet all day. i have a partially arthritic knee. my medial meniscus is gone, and now there is nasty arthritis their. im feeling pain in my ankles, hips and thoracic region.

im still cutting weight and i know this will help my situation. but i have movement disorders im sure of it. and im going to go get someone to evaluate me. are there any dvds anyone can recommend for me to start moving towards correcting these issues? im only 26 and dont want to be completly crippled by the time im 40.

i have been doing leg exercises that dont load the joint to much like glute ham raises, and they are great.f but im going through a period of time in my life where training may take back seat to getting life in order and getting my body into a better condition skeletal wise. the other youngsters who dont have joint issues just dont understand this. it doesnt last forever.

im figureing out what a pussy i am when i come home from work and dont want to go train, im usually mentally exhausted from dealing with customers. jesus old ladies and moms can be real bitches. i have a new found respect for those who do the cash register. oh well if anyone has any advice, or has similar experiences id love to hear from you.


My job has me on my feel all day. I had pain in my knees and back. I ditched the sneakers and got some nice light hiking boots. They were expensive. But the pain went away.

My pain wasn't related to an injury or arthritis.