Working out Without Using Arms?

Hi everybody,
I’m Francesca from Italy.

I began working out two months ago, with this workout plan:
Squat 4x15, 12kg (made as goblet squat with a dumbell)
Squat AMAP x about 30, 6kg db
Dumbell bench press 3x12, 6kg db
Lat machine 3x10 25 kg
Shoulders superset, 4 kg db
Biceps/triceps superset,

I’m very glad and satisfied with every small progress that I’ve made, even in this short time and even if I know that’s not much at all for you :frowning: .
Unfortunately now there’s a problem for me: the tendon of my right hand is damaged (I’ve had a surgery last year and I’ll probably have another one in some months) and in this moment it’s very flushed.

As a consequence, I will not be able to use it in my workouts: how can I change my plan to make it recover, without renouncing to the gym?
Maybe I could use the leg extension machine and the leg curl one, what can I add to these excercises?
Thank you for the patience and for your reply!!!

Hi, I haven’t had much experience myself but this T-Nation article has some info for working around a wrist injury.

You could try using Ab Straps for movements like Horizontal Cable Rows. Hook them around your upper arm and pull from the elbow to take your grip completely out of it.

Anything where you can hook a velcro cable to your wrist? My gym has velcro attachments for use on cable machines.

Of course leg machines, lateral raise machines…

Or something like this - maybe you can improvise.

Good luck! Hand injuries are hard.