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Working Out with Trigger Finger

I recently was diagnosed with trigger finger and my doctor told me too avoid any exercises, where there was significant pressure on the ring finger joint (basically gripping exercises where the hand is closed). I am currently doing WS4SB and I am trying to come up with some upper body combos I could do to maintain my current state while I recover. Push up variations, dips are all ok. I figure I am just going to hit my lower body harder during this period, anyone have any other ideas for upper body?

just cut the finger off and continue to train…lol jk

i really dont know any upper routines you can do…but i would just figure to work your legs and cardio till your good to go

get lifting/gymnastic hooks. they will attach you to the bar sans grip. It work for a mate of mine who broke his middle and ring. he kept lifting using the hooks for all pulls. It actually helped his rowing and chin up form.

criticalbench.com has good ones. you can just buy them at the store usually.

technology fella.


Do weighted pushups. (You can just put plates on your back, or have a friend do it)

Or chain suspended push ups.

Hell, try some pushups with your hands in really close like a close grip bench.

I don’t think you need a whole lot more than that stuff.

i would buy some 50lb sand bags and a big duffel bag and experiment with that

[quote]JaX Un wrote:
i would buy some 50lb sand bags and a big duffel bag and experiment with that[/quote]

are you fucking handicapped? The guys says:

“I can’t do anything that involves gripping with my fingers.”

And you respond:

“Why not do some sand bag training?”

how the fuck can he do ANYTHING with a sand bag without gripping it???

Reading is highly underrated in the hills you live in sir.