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Working Out with Diastasis Rectus ?

I really need some advice…I am 39 5’9" 280…and its not muscle.

I want to start back working out and training in martial arts to transform my body from fat to lean…but after a visit to my doc I asked him what this bulge was when I raise up…he said it looks like diastasis rectus and that its a muscle issue and not to worry about…then ok’d me to exercise…after I researched it online there is not alot of info on male diastsis but some conflicting info like, it will fix itself once you loose weight, dont do situps, its ok to do situps, all the way to just live with the fact you cant get rid of your gut…I dont want to believe the last statement …

Like I stated I want to hit the weights and start bjj but I dont want to make my abs worse…any help with this would be great!

This could well be a ventral hernia. See a general surgeon and get yourself properly evaluated. I would forgo heavy exercising until then, personally.