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Working Out with Broken Ankle

About 10 days ago I broke my ankle. Its not too bad, Il be in a walking boot for the next 4-6 weeks. Went from working 8-10 hours a day plus going to the gym, to almost completely sedentary. One of the worst things here is my body wants to be fed like Im burning 3000 calories a day, but Im probably buring under 2000 now. Im still able to do my upper body workouts, with a few slight changes and some lighter weights. Im curious to whether or not to train my uninjured leg. Anyone have any experience with this? Also if anyone has any ideas for any type of cardio I could be doing.


You might be able to do kneeling squats but thats iffy, you’d probably need someone to set the bar on your back for you. No way you could set it up your self. Ask your doctor but I’m sure he’ll say no so better not risk it.

All I can think of for cardio is the rowing machine but again ask your doctor, he’ll probably say no

Just rest. I’ve taken some considerable time off from lower body training and although not ideal, it comes back quick. I actually haven’t been able to train my lower body in the past 4 months except for leg curls and extensions, and some body weight lunges rdls. It will be interesting and disappointing to see my strength losses when I get back to it in prlly a month or so