Working Out with a Manual Labor Job

This summer I am working construction where I live on site 4 days a week and work 11 hour days. I currently am in college and follow mountain dog training lifting 5-6 days a week and play rugby. Any suggestions on how to train on the three days I have off? I would like to stay on mountain dog training so I was thinking of just cycling the workout on the 3 days off so workouts 1,2,3 on the first 3 days then next week workouts 4,5,6.

Make the lifting sessions short time wise and don’t over do the volume.
Focus on a few lifts that will get the job done and not worry about getting in a bunch of secondary movements.

If your daily energy level drops too much or feel overly fatigue up the cslories.


John Meadows does have a 3x a week routine on his website.

I do stucco and roofing in the summer, drywall in the winter. The biggest thing i find is making sure you are eating enough to fuel what your doing. As mentioned above try to keep your training days simple and focused. Not long ago i did come across a 3 day a week meadows routine, although i dont know if its the same as what @wanna_be mentioned. But there are lots of 3xweek options

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