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Working Out with a Broken Nose


Hey guys, I recently broke my nose this saturday night, but still havent seen a doctor to follow up after my hospital visit. So far all I've been doing is using lots of neosporin. Can I still go to the gym? Im worried the strain will cause to much blood to flow to the scabs and I'd rather have it heal with no scars on my forehead or nose but just wanted your opinion on whether or not I should workout or wait until after I see the Dr. tomorrow? Sorry I just NEED to get back in the gym.




I broke my nose real good wrestling with a friend at the beginning of summer. It hurts and all, but theres really nothing you can do (aside from surgery) that will help it. I say push through if you think you can


Jogging is gonna be a bitch for a long time.


Who really cares CB? steady state cardio sucks for everything basically. HIIT has shown to burn fat and even build muscle. Look at sprinters compared to marathon runners. OP don't take this advice. Do intervals, hills, stairs, prowler push etc... but jogging? youll be going nowhere!


oh... My bad, I, in no way intended that to be advice of any kind.

It is just the impact of running made my face fucking hurt like a bitch for a long time after I broke my shit.


I didn't even think about running guys! Damn this is a depressing situation. I started my bulk last Monday and was doing amazingly well with diet training and supplementation. Is there any method of working out you would recommend that would allow me to still make gains without the intensity of a balls to the walls five day split?


That's amazing...


Well I was proud of myself for really going balls to the walls, taking in close 400 grams of protein every day, and doing all the little things that really count. That's all I was saying. It was a week of emotional highs. And then i broke my nose.


awwww dude i was completely kidding!


I feel like this is an episode of the biggest loser


OP look down, do you see that fuzzy patch where your balls used to be? MAN UP, grow a pair, and get your ass to the gym. Unless is really hurts...just saying


Docs told me that increased blood flow due to straining in the gym will prevent proper healing process, at least until the scabs are gon and some swelling has gone down. Really just was hoping for some helpful advice, not insults. Sorry for ruffling everyone's internet macho i guess.


Just try not to lift anything with your nose.


breathe through your mouth.


One sugestion. Dead stop skull crushers to the face. Lots of em.


Well I'm giving it until my follow up appointment on Monday to wait for clearance, because I guess any type of physical activity could completely prevent healing. However, I will not wait longer than Monday. I have gained 25 pounds of muscle in the last six month and was hoping to get that last 15 for my goal of 200 by the new year and really don't want to slow down much more.

Though I'm thinking I might want to work on my handstand pushups for the next five days :wink:.

Any recommendations on how I should alter my diet during this brief sedentary period? Honest question. Can't eat the same amount of calories if I'm only allowed to walk around.

Thanks guys,