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Working Out With a Broken Nose


So on the weekend i walked out of a restaurant alone and got jumped by a group of 5 guys.. dont really know why, since i still have my wallet and cell phone etc. but long story short: i woke up in the hospital and was released that day, so i only spent the night there after they found me messed up on the side of the street...

well, i feel ok but i broke my nose in several places.. other than that i dont have any major injuries. i have some bruises on my head etc. and a blue eye. they took x rays and conlcuded that all i have is a broken nose bone. they want me to see my doctor for a check up and said to let him determine when i could start work and daily activities again..

this bums me out!! i wanna start hittin the gym as soon as possible again, and i really dont wanna loose any of the gains i have made these past few months!!! wat should i do? should i wait and see wat the doc says or should i hit the weights if i feel up to it? i feel a bit out of it, like i have a cold or somethin..

but if i had any serious head traumas they would have put that in the report..... any advice? thx!!


you're a big boy.

go lift, if you feel funny, stop lifting. if it feels good, keep lifting.

sorry to hear that man, next time invite me out to dinner and you won't have that problem.


thanks dude.. yea i think i am gonna go lift tomorrow.. it just worries me cuz when i woke up in the hospital i started throwing up.. i always thought that was a sign of a concussion... i also look pretty scary (my nose is really swollen and huge and my eyes a bit too..).


i broke my nose a couple months ago, just be aware that it might start to bleed once your blood pressure is going


yea i know.. i was thinking about puttin a bandage over it in case... is that bad though?


i mean its still bleeding now and its been like 2 freakin days!!


I had group of pussies jump me ages ago after I had one of there mates one-on-one prior to it,it knocks your pride how are you looking?;I felt ok but couldnt face my mates at the gym because I looked a mess.

Does your nose hurt if you strain?
Paracetamol and ibpurophen can be taken together and will easy the pain for along enough period to train.


Yea my pride is pretty shot due to the way i look right now, but screw it.. shit happens... funny was though while i was walking back from the hospital i had to ask some kids where the train station was with my bloody clothes and my messed up face, u should have seen their faces.. haha...

but my nose doesnt really hurt, its just runny and still bleeding... when i strain i start getting a headache though and my neck gets really tight... i might just go light and see wat happens...


It's still bleeding when you're just sitting around?

I'd at least wait until that stops, because you're going to be gushing when you start working out.


Anyway, how long do you have to wait until you see the doc? It's kind of dumb to listen to random people on the internet vs your doctors.

For instance, what exactly did you break? Nose bone can refer to different things.


Come out of this with more pride. Reason being, first your going to attempt to stay out of this type of stuff. But if you can't your going to at least put some damage on them next time.


it prob isnt too bad but i wud take it easy and lift with medium intensity for about a week and make sure if it does bleed not to tilt your head back because u want the blood to come out not go back in.

also if its still bleeding theres a prob since it should of clotted, just pinch your nose at the top but again let the blood come out so dont tilt back.


thats some crazy shit right there, thats bad buddy, cos ive read ur posts and u seemed to have been training real well, pick yaself up, dust yourself off and power on. your a commando thats wat you do! :wink:


Whatever you do, just try NOT to do this.

Note the face plant... this is bad.


Yea, thanks man...


Damn... that sux..


I've had my nose broken 9 times; I was always told wait till it atleast stops bleeding on it's own.
Severity always varied an sometimes tooka cpl day an once 2 months most.Make sure you get in to see that doc asap incase precautions maybe needed to prevent nasal sagage.


yea, goin to see the doc today.. wats nasal sagage? i googled it but couldnt find it...