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Working Out While Traveling

On June 13th i am shipping out to Germany for a study abroad trip with my college. I will be in Germany for 4 weeks without a gym (that i know of, i know the college doesn’t have one, im going to try to look around but im going to be traveling around Europe most of the time) So my question to yall is what should i do so that i dont lose what muscle i have fought for oh so hard. i figure i can do squats, have someone pile weight or sit on my back while i do pushups, body squats and tri press downs… Ehh i dont know, all i know is im freaking out.

On top of that i am worried about the food, i normally eat like 6 times a day but i wont be able to over there, so i am thinking about getting these
Or something else i can find for cheap that will feed me on the go. Anyways if yall could help me out with ideas that will help me keep my muscle without having a gym i would Greatly appreciate it.

Just find a gym over there. If you cant afford it, find a kids playground and master 1 legged squats, pullups and 1 arm pushups.

Well that would be the obvious thing but im not staying in one spot very long, im going to be traveling. ehh…

I go the family beach house for a week or two every summer and theres no gym around there. You just have to improvise. I use garbage bags of sand for weights. Don’t think that would be the case wherever you are going, but you have to be creative. Try high reps of a few sets of pushups.

Maybe go for a personal record high pushup number over that month away. You might also want to look into getting one of those doorway pullup bars to bring with you, I think they are only around 20 bucks.



Pack push-up bars and JumpStretch bands. Do sprints. Do chin-ups at random playgrounds.

Drink lots of milk. You’ll be fine.

Hang on… you’re going to Germany, right?

Lift beer kegs.

In every town you go to, just walk into the local bierhall and ask the barkeeper if you can go out back and lift the empty (or full…if you’re up to it) beer kegs for an hour or so. They might look at you funny, but who cares, right?

And you’re thinking of importing SOY PROTEIN bars into the land of wurst? Just buy a kilo of Rote or grosse Bratwurst or whatever and chomp on it throughout the day. Real meat, and cheaper, to boot.

If you can’t do squats and milk, then beer kegs and sausage, says I.