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Working Out While Injured

I have been experiencing extreme patellar tendinitis in my knees and am currently doing corrective exercise for it but still want to train. What would be a good lifting program (auxiliary lifts) for olympic lifting if I cant do really any leg work right now besides glutes.

if it is that bad you can’t power clean or do pulls, then time to reconsider if this is the sport for you

you can’t do pulls from blocks ??

seated presses ??

Sorry I should have been more descriptive. It has accumulated due to the way I walk. I didn’t know I had collapsed arches until I went to a physical therapist. Told me my ankles had been rolling in when I walk which lee to tracking issues. I can still do pulls just fine. I just dont want to stress my legs too much right now for at least a month or two. But I figured I could do some upper body auxiliary work that would most benefit my c&j and snatch.