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Working Out While at Law School


I've searched the forums and haven't found anything on this topic so here it goes. I'm currently finishing up my undergrad, and am going to Law school in a few years. I have had a few friends who have gone to Law school now, who used to be pretty in shape/ well built. But when I saw them this year, a bunch of them got a lot smaller and were pretty out of shape. They said that they barely had time to train at Law School because of the heavy course loads.

So my question is: has anyone here, who has gone/ who is in Law School been able to perform well academically while keeping up a good training schedule? And by that I mean able to progress strength and or size wise. I love working out and getting stronger, but I also want to be top 10%...is that doable?


There are a few lawyers on here ... and I know of at least one person who is in Law School at the moment and is a gd beast


everything is doable as long as you put effort and time in.

I bet they preferred watching TV after all that long classes than using that 50 minutes window to go the gym.

Only you are responsible for you acts, don't blame college or anything else, if you want it you will find a way to do it.


If you want to continue progressing with your training and also be at the top of your class, you'll do what you have to do to achieve both. Your friends clearly did not want the gains that badly.

Just as long as you realize which goal is clearly the top priority, I think you'll be fine. People with far more hectic schedules have accomplished more then you likely ever will.


My sister worked a full time job at the world bank while going to law school and graduated with a good gpa. The valedictorian of her class also worked a full-time job. If you want to find time to work out, you'll find it.


I seriously doubt that anyone has ever put on size training at law school.

I would recommend training at a gym.


Thanks everyone for the posts, my friends gave me a depressing picture of Law School, but I'm sure I can keep my priorities in line.

Duly noted dshtroy, I'll give training at a gym a try.


read DixiesFinest log - i believe he is in law school


How much time you have to train in law school depends on other aspects of your life and how smart you are.

Im doing decently well in law school, not top 10% but Im competitive still

I have a girlfriend

Got a puppy a year ago

I hang out with my crew of friends a few times a month during the school year

And I lift weights seriously.

Im also not a moron. Law school isnt easy but it isnt like learning neuro medicine

No one can know if youll be able to handle the course load and still make progress physique wise. I dont have the time to lift like I used to but that's almost a given. And during finals prep I dont really lift at all. But what's missing a month in the grand scheme of things? Ill gain the weight back in 2 weeks.

My advice is if you have a lot going on in your life and decide to go to law school somethings gotta give. And if you let your grades be the thing to give youre going to be wasting a shit load of money.

Also dont go to law school


1600 page case books are heavy though


get that functional strength nonsense outta here! this is a BB forum!


I cant actually lift one....

bodybuilding sucks


Bonez thats very impressive, girls and puppies are heaps of work, never mind progressing in the gym and hitting the books. Thats very encouraging. I do have some time before I really have to decide whether im going or not (I'm in my 3rd year of Undergrad, but doing 5 years), but I'e been pretty set on going to Law School for years now so I guess only time will tell if I'll succeed..


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this post is pure win! :slightly_smiling:


I am in law school.

You can get bigger and stronger while at law school. While I am not the top 10%, a good friend is, he is not a bodybuilder or powerlifter, but he enjoys distance running and puts in some serious mileage each week.

You just have to have the will to make it happen.


I'm in law school now. 1L year I was able to lift except the 1.5 months of/preceding finals. They weren't the best gains of my life, but I got stronger, and still managed strong grades. 2L year (which I'm in right now), well...I've been inside the gym 10 times. Between the job hunt and getting decent grades, something had to give. Including my grades...

Kicking ass in law school and the gym is possible, but it's improbable. Most of the 1Ls I see coming here are in great shape. Most of the 2Ls? Not so much. Basically, a lot of it comes down to how efficient you're going to be at learning law, something which is almost impossible to predict ahead of time. The less efficient you are at learning, the more you're going to have to sacrifice other aspects of your life in order to try and compensate. Some people succeed at both. Most people don't.

Also, unless 1) you're going to a very good law school (Vandy is probably the worst law school I'd attend at full price); 2) you're going to a strong regional school where you intend to practice, and doing it on the cheap; or 3) you have connections out the wazoo, strongly examine the decision to go to law school. Shit's rough out there.


Even if you have time, all that studying will definitely burn up your brain and nervous system and leave sluggish for the weight room.


O Rly?

So now studying definitely 'burns up the brain and nervous system' ??

Based on your post, one can make the claim that posting on a forum 'burns up the brain'


neurology ain't that bad. just a lot of shit to remember, that's all.


Check out Sam Byrd's log.