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Working out, which way?

Working out, what body parts when, what days??

I realize this is a fairly general question. However i would like to get somefeed back from ‘you’ guys. I have been told to do so many different variations on different days that if i listened to everyone, it would be extremley confusing!

So i put it to you (openly)…
What is the best way to ‘split’ up your body for maximum results?
Thanks again.

Your friend is right. There are too many combinations to even think about.

Here’s a suggestion.

Try on of Ian King’s old routines here like Limping and Bring the Pain. Do that for 12 weeks. That is a fairly moderate volume program with a more traditional body part and body function training split.

After doing that, try HST or CPT (a search should bring this up) for an 8 week cycle, which utilizes more of a total body approach.

See what you like and prefer and what your body seems to respond better to.

What kind of goals do you have? Have you been training long? I agree with the above post about doing a “proven” workout and see how your body responds. Your post has many open areas that need to be filled in before you can get good solid advice. Bulking? Cutting? Stats?

There are too many different ways to split up your training to list here. There are some ways that work a little better or a little worse for certain people. Some splits work better for certain goals others do not.

Off the top of my head I can think of about 15 different splits that I’ve used myself while training and I’ve gotten good results off most of them. For the first time I’m actually interested in getting larger and stronger (though I’m cutting right now) and my split looks like this:
Sunday: Quads and Chest
Monday: Delts and Calves (back/hams recovery)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: Glutes/hams and back
Thursday: Arms (delt recovery work)
Friday/Saturday: off.

That doesn’t include cardio and some of the other stuff I do. This is just what’s going on at the moment and I quite like it. Though I’ve decided I need to get some delts and some arms (in that order) so once I’m done cutting I’ll go on a delt specialization followed by an arm specialization.

With my clients I use all sorts of splits depending on their goals, experience level, schedule etc etc etc.

If I were you I’d start doing a lot of reading on the site.