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Working Out When Sick?


Ive been sick all week.

Missed my tuesday workout because I was bedridden now its thursday and I'm still having some congestion and a small fever. The congestion is causing my breathing to be a little more wheezy than normal and its hard for me to decide wether I should go or not, I hate missing days. What do you suggest?


If its anything contagious, don't take that to the gym. If it is just something like bronchitis, work out when you feel well enough. Just don't exert yourself to the point of prolonging the illness.

I'm still getting over bronchitis from a week ago and still coughing a little phlem. Tuesday's workout was great. Tonights should be good too.


I go to the gym in most cases unless its bad flu, if its just a cold i go and as weird as it sounds my weights always go up when im ill. Really odd im sure there was an article about training when ill. Take a look on the search


Yep. This question has been asked to death. The following article summarizes what most everyone will tell you in this forum.


And yeah, be sure not to spread your germs, you sick bastard.


Dude if your running a fever I would't be touching any weights, but take the fever out of the picture and I'd say you'd be good to go.