Working out when sick...

Just wondering peoples thoughts on this. Inevetably we all get ill…colds, flu, etc. Should we continue to work out when ill? (yeah, I’m sick now and I’m HATING it!)!!! DAMMMITT!!!

Peace and Good Training.


mixed opinions on this one. once i worked out sick, got sicker the next day. actually never been as sick as then. on the contrary, i often workout with migranes, and it seems to make em better. i say rest for a day or two, get better, then come back strong. u wanna lift at your best right?

hope that helped.

I won?t work out when I?m sick, because this is the sign of your body saying to take REST.

Just take lots of Vitamin C, eat tons of fruit and Rest. hot cold showers have always helped me to recover faster form a cold too.

Just make sure you don?t get sick.

Sickness - you’re right it’s inevitable. However, I believe if you are truly sick working out is about the last thing you are going to be even thinking of. I know when I’ve had the flu I don’t even want to get out of bed let alone move around and workout. Now if you only have a head cold or sinus infections, etc. - I say hit the gym! I think it comes down whether you are really sick or if you just don’t feel well. If your sick - don’t workout (plus it’s not cool to go out and get everyone else sick), but if your just not feeling 100% and a bit achy - hit it! Just my 2 cents.

It depends, if it’s just a slight nose cold then go ahead and train but if you have sore throat and/or fever then it’s a definite NO.

I read somewhere that the same bacterias that cause sore throat are responsible for heartmuscle infection which can be fatal!!

Most of the time if I am feeling under the weather and force myself to w/o I feel much netter afterwards.

These arent the greatest workouts ever, no setting PR’s or anything but it seems to help me most of the time.


Yeah, I’m with Phill on this one, unless it is the flu with feelings of real weakness, I’d say go for a light workout. Psychologically I feel like I’ll suffer atrophy if I don’t.

You don’t want to clobber your immune system with a killer workout, but getting the blood flowing seems fine to me.

Take it easy use this time as a break.

Take a break, training with a minor headache or even cold you can get away with.

If you are really sick as in +temp, flu etc…i would advise not. I attempted to train when i had not fully recovered from a high temp and fever and within a day…i was back in the sack.

Jus drink plenty of water and see it out.:slight_smile:

Man…I know it’s neurotic (or something…) but I keep feeling this down time is only setting me back. THe body says rest…so I rest as much as possible (we have to work, after all, so no as much rest as I’d like). I’m just grumpy…I’ve had great gains recently (8 months) and I’m feeling…well, not-so-much lazy, but…gyped, ya know?



Man, I know how you feel. I resent all time out of the gym. I just took a week off to avoid overtraining. I hated it.

Drink lots of water. It will help you get over anything. (You probably already know that though… … …)

I listen to my body…if I’m not feeling up for a work out, I don’t go, but if I’m feeling energetic, even if I do feel a few symptoms (like I am now…grumble…), I’ll go and do a light work out. Sometimes I feel better afterwards (like today), other times I feel worse. shrug I figure my body knows better than I do if it’s okay to hit the weights.