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Working Out Since September

I have been gaining and working out since Sept. I took almost the whole month of December off. I have started off around 168lbs. and I am currently at 193lbs. I am 6’2’’. I have attached upper body I need to find a way to take some decent leg angles so please forgive me. My back flex is somewhat off…getting the pose right for a laptop camera timer is somewhat difficult…haha. My goal is to get around the 200lbs. range. Thanks for any advice.

Back View

You have gained 15 lbs and that is great! It looks to me as you have great natural shape and you can definitely get to the 200lb range with no problem. If you would have been eating enough you could have made even more progress in that time!! I would try to gain to around 220 and go from there. I would start eating more , diet is so important to gaining mass. Try to eat every 2-3 hours . I would not even worry about gaining a bit of fat…it looks like your frame can hold lots more mass easily! Keep training and getting stronger plus make sure u are doing some pump work for each bodypart as well as this is definitely a contributing factor to size. But at your level increasing your nutrition is going to pay big dividends!!