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Working Out Since March 2008


16 years old, 5.4', 79kg.
Best lifts for 1RM:
145kg. deadlift
135kg. back squat
90kg. bench press

Other lifts:
80-90kg. barbell rows
60kg. barbell shoulder press (sitting)

I'm currently cutting the mass, but before I do that here's some of my best (yeah, I know) photos at 80kg:

I would gladly take some more photos of my arms and chest, but arms are just 16' and pretty fat, and for the chest - gynecomastia, which I really hope will go away soon. Also in my opinion I'd say 3-4 out of 10 is realistic enough.

p.s. Broke some rules.. but "meh", who doesn't.
p.s.2 It's a poor country.. not many people got big ass cameras. Sorry in advance.
another edit: I always worked out to gain strength and never to be lean or muscular, but since all those myths and complains about "powerlifters" being fat I decided to do a milk & squat for, like, a month and a half and than cut the mass.



  1. Rate my physic isn't " HEY GUYS let me now how bad i suck" its for dudes who have been training for a badass amount of time and actually have shit to show off
    2.keep eating and get bigger.


You use that often? A simple vote on 1/10 would do better : )


I think you should bulk for a few more years before posting pics. there is nothing wrong with looking a little smooth, but you need to have the mass to make up for a lack of definition. I think, you don't have enough mass to warrant posting pics at such a level of bodyfat. I think you should build more muscle.


They don't have a "0" button.

You should have posted this in the beginners section if you don't want your balls busted a little.


Nate, in fact this is why I posted this thread - to see the opinion of OTHERS about how much I suck for real. Because 1 - my girlfriend and other friends tell me nothing but "ohh man you look awesome keep it up man good job" and all that kinda crap.

A more realistic opinion was needed, and there I have it. 2 - everyday you look yourself in the mirror and every different day you think different. Today you are smooth, cool, you like yourself. On the next day you are starting to have doubts and so on. Do you get the idea? Yes, I don't expect to see here an opinion similar to the opinion of my friends

Countingbeans - Who says I'm afraid to get my balls busted? Isn't this what it's all about? Take a look at what I reply'd to Nate. Anyway thnx for the respond.


Man do not go on a cutting phase anytime soon you dont have anything to really show if you cut just lift and keep growing


Nice shades.


I think loosing some weight would help me improve my squat. And I don't mean just "weight", I mean fat.


Sorry man, you suck in a big way.


I'm going to wait for the after pictures before I rate anything.


I would hate to be 5'4"


Wow you're tiny, don't cut. Lift.


nice pepperonis!


Just keep training and enjoy the journey.


I don't understand you're building up a base and you want to immediately go into a cut? Doesn't make sense if you ask me. I'd say maybe looking over your nutrition a bit better and concentrating more of your carbs around training to avoid spill over. Yet I look at your pics and don't automatically think "fat". I see a young dude building up a base and learning the ropes to.

Also looks like you need to hit some rows/deadlifts hard especially. You seem to have decent genetics also, I see great potential in you.


also where the hell you get 20% bf? You look more around 15%....fml


yeah, she also tells me its not cheating if i don't finish inside her. way to pick a winner


Hmmm...troll much?

If you are serious, don't even think about it!

You're only 16; if you want to be big and strong, for the next 5 years or so forget about "cutting phases" etc- just do your heavy deadlifts and squats and take on plenty of good food and water (rehydrate, replenish, refuel!).

Your testosterone will continue to spike naturally for the next few years so take advantage of that and give your muscles everything they need to grow; don't limit their growth by cutting back on food to slim down or by shitting out of the tough stuff.

Hows that for a constructive answer? Keep at it cuz.