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Working Out Seriously Last Yr

Started working out again seriously in August of last year, couple months in to a deployment in Iraq. Started using high reps, low sets, multiple exercises like everyone does. Eventually grew to 10x5 of big lifts, with a 5x5 of some backup work. Seen a lot of progress with high sets, high weights, low reps.

Last workouts were Deadlifts, 10x5 of 315. Working for 10x3 with 345 next time. Squats were 10x5 of 245, working with 275 for 10x3 next time. Bench was 215 for 10x5, trying 245 for 10x3 next. Sorry for the lack of a leg shot. I’ll try and take some good ones later. FYI, decent medialus, not so good sweep. Oh, and 5’10", 178-182

more pics

Is this rate my back?

[quote]cdh3087 wrote:
Is this rate my back?[/quote]

No… This is RMP, that would be in the RMB section… oh wait, that doesn’t exist.

front shot


No bis!

some tris

Not quite bowling pins yet. Leg pic pending