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Working Out Saves the Day


Yesterday my tire blew out on the highway and spinned out of control. I hit the side of the hill, with my head hitting the roof, my leg hitting the steering wheel, and my shoulder hitting the passenger seat.

Basically I have a small knot in my neck. I contribute my lack of injuries to staying fit. People behind me stopped thinking I would not be able to get out of the car because they said they saw my head go up and down and hit pretty damn hard during the accident. I walked out of the car thinking "deadlifts, thank you." because althought my neck hurts I know it would of been alot worst had I not of had a strong back and neck

Two thumbs up for working out and staying fit.


It was probably the fish oil.


Ummm, I'm sure you are a badass and everything, but you really need go to the vet or something.


Yes, it did probably help alot --- BUT that being said, a small knot in your neck is not a good thing. I would suggest going to the Dr. and getting checked out, just to be on the safe side. If the wreck was as bad as you said......internal damage can be there.


Too Funny!


real t-men walk it off


i see you started using anaconda


Now, had the car spun out of control, thrown you out the door and rolled over trapping your girlfriend underneath, and you walked over and lifted it off her, then I'd say "working out saved the day". Not that this isn't impressive. mind you.


It sounds like you might also want to consider wearing your seat belt?


and then they fall down and die from internal bleeding.

Seriously you should get checked out if not just for future issues that may arise. It may help with any future health insurance claims too.


You know what getting walked off is?

\|/ 3Toes


Just to echo the voices of reason here. Go to the doctor. I was rear-ended once and the hit was under 15 mph. I thought I was fine. Went to the doc anyway. Turns out the whiplash tore the left vetebral artery an inch up from my neck in my brain.

Life has not been the same.