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Working Out Overseas

I know this is a bit of a broad question, and there may be no perfect answer, but just wanted some ideas from you guys.

Im going to be traveling to India for 3 weeks from mid December to early January.

I will be taking my supps with me and maybe a couple tubs of Low-Carb Grow!, but i’m not sure how to maintain my training.

I probably wont have access to a gym or even a pull up bar at the house i will be staying at.

What is the best way/ways to incorporate some weight training during my time there? I suppose i could do pushups and crunches and maybe some overhead squats holding some heavy object over my head. i guess maybe i could do pullups in some doorway. what else?

i will be getting plenty of NEPA. should i just focus on getting leaner these 3 weeks?

should i just take these three weeks off and maintain a relatively clean diet?

just wanted some ideas. i’m used to traveling within the US where my hotel has a gym, but this is a different ball game.


FYI: I’m 6’4, 205lbs, 21%bf

There are tons of all bodyweight excercises that you could throw together in a circuit fashion in your bedroom. I’ve always thought that if you’re creative enough, not having weights is no reason to lose progress, as I’ve gone through some bodyweight circuits that have almost made me puke.

Here’s a few good bodyweight excercises:
-bodyweight squats (a ton of them, probably fast and maybe in a breather squat fashion)
-Overhead squats (doesn’t have to have a lot of weight, just holding anything over your head will be a chore just to maintain the posture for a lot of reps)

-Single leg squats
-lunges (regular, bulgarian off a chair or bed)
-Hindu squats
-wall sits at varying depths
-All manner of squat, lunge, tuck, or scissor jumps (if you can jump around in your room)
-Standing Bodyweight Goodmornings
-Single-leg King Deadlifts
-pushups (regular, incline, clapping, hands close together, Hindu)
-Handstand pushups (balanced against a wall probably)
-Lying Leg L’s (lying on your back, legs straight up, then rotate side to side)
-Wrestler’s Bridges
-Back Hyperextensions
-Front, Side and Back bridges with single leg raises (bridge resting on elbows and/or hands)
-All variations of crunches.

You can string some combination of these together in a circuit fashion doing 10-20 reps of each, going through the circuit like three times and I guarentee you won’t have to worry about losing ground while you’re out of the country. You might have to worry about losing your stomach contents though, if you do these with little enough rest.

This is actually my first post, but it’s a topic I’ve thought about a great deal, as I’m currently doing research in China.

The above post is great. I just have a few additions.

For the lower body, I would add pistols (or pistol progressions), reverse hypers off a ledge, and natural glute-ham raises – maybe some plyos as well, depending on your goals.

There’s no reason to take time off. Just switch training modalities for a bit.



All of these posts are great, but i have just one more suggestion, do all of the above upperbody exercises but use blast straps or gymnastic rings.
Good luck