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Working Out on Major Painkillers?


Wonder if you wouldn't feel any burn... just curious.


A lot of painkillers have anti-inflammatory effects, which isn't what you want when lifting. You'd really be willing to take pain pills every workout just so you couldn't feel the burn?


If you were on 'major' painkillers, you'd be hard-pressed to even make it to the gym.


The burn is the best part. Why don't you go eat a hamburger without any meat?


oh i like the burn burn me up im on fire, but seriously just floatin through a workout would just be different, maybe ergogenic?


Not feeling the burn wouldn't make the workout easy...
Dude, this is overall just not a great idea.


I'm with Artem.

Gassed up on meds is not the time to be trying to hold hundreds of pounds over your head/chest/near the back of your neck.


it rox, u can go heavier.

but u can only do it with like percocet or vicodin ...one of those and they both kind of suck IMO


Yeah, you still feel it. I was having some major shoulder pain a while back and took 3 Percs before a workout. I felt a burn, and a shit load of vomit coming up about 1/3 of the way through the workout.


You could also seriously injure yourself and not know it because you can't feel pain. Anyone who would try it is definitely deserving of the next Darwinian award.