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Working Out on a Boat

hi, im just starting to get in to lifting and i would like to put on some size. I work as a deckhand on a boat, so i am on the boat for one full week then off for the next week. I have access to a gym while i am off the boat, but while i am on the boat the only weights we have are some dumbbells and a curling bar.

There is not really enough room for a bench set, and its also probably not a very good idea to do those kinds of exersises on the water, what with waves and all. so my question is what kind of work out routine should look at doing to be able to put on size even though i have limited weights while on a boat two weeks out of every month?

You should probably find another goal. And that is 100% total honesty.

How much, exactly, is “some size?”

i’m a little over 6’ and i weigh 150, i would like to get up to 185-190.

I’m sure the professor can fashion a barbell from an oar and a few coconuts :slight_smile:


i work on a tugboat not an island on a 60’s tv show

well if you are several days/weeks out of the gym several times a year your progress will be hindered.

Could you elaborate on the meaning of “some dumbbells”? And how much weights do you have on that boat?

Sure, it’s not optimal, but your goals don’t exactly require optimal circumstances.

Train very hard and heavy 6-7 days a week when on land then take the week off or just get some pump work in on the boat.

we have sets of 20 25 30 35 45 lb dumb bells and a curling bar with 4 25lbs, 4 10 lbs, and 4 5 lbs. thats all

ill look into the over training idea

my dad was in the navy in vietnam and pulled 600 and rep’ed out 315 bench on a boat.

Working out on a boat is a very good idea ! if you measure the gravity it will change from double to nothing when the boat ROCKS ! so if you do pushups and shit you will some times be pushing double your BW and some times 0 and thats gives a positive impact on your training…

I picture this as your job.


that is exactly what its like every day at my job.

Push ups, pistols, and pull ups (if you can).