Working Out Maintenance Calories

Ok people, where to start! From being at school I was always the fattest kid, and had tried all kinds of fat loss stuff, slim fast etc at school. Jump 18 years and peaked at 21 stone, needing butter to help me get in and out front door lol. I am now 15 stone (ish) and have been training for 1 year, and lifts as follows:
Squats 270lbs
Deads 200lbs (just started them)
Bench 140lbs
Military press 90lbs

I am really pleased with progress so far, although pressing movements are below where I want them to be, but have a weak rotator cuff (left). I am working on this. Training consists of 5 sessions a week, with Friday and Saturdays as rest. I train at 8pm for approx 1hr, push pull legs. My plan is to grow in strength and size whilst aiming to get bf around 12-15%. I have been eating 6 meals a day but have noticed an increase in fat (always on gut first) so have made some adjustments, but asking for some expert advice/opinions as know nutrition is paramount.

7:00 am Breakfast is 80g oats with semi skim milk and hardcore whey shake, 1 scoop
550cal, 35g p, 70g c, 12g f
10:00 am Meal 2 is 175g brown rice, 100g chicken breast, 100g spinach, handful raw cashews.
610cal, 35g p, 55g c, 20g f
13:00 pm same as meal 2
15:30/16:00 2 tins Tuna on 2 whole wheat wraps with spinach
560cal, 57g p, 62g c, 9g f
19:15 pre workout, apple, 50g oats, 1 scoop hardcore whey
320cal, 25g p, 38g c, 5g f plus apple macros
20:30 pwo 2 scoops hardcore whey and banana
250cal, 40g p, 16g c, 3g f
22:30 snack, 400ml of semi skimmed milk, 2 tbsp peanut butter and 3tbsp cottage cheese
450cal, 35g p, 25g c, 32g f

I don’t know if I’m eating too much or need to tweak carbs, thing a 40/40/20 split would suit me.
I also take 2000mg omega 3+6, multivitamins, zma and drink 3-4l of water daily.
I may also try clen/Eca but want to use that at a later date.
Thanks for reading my epic novel, lol