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Working Out Late


Hello, I'm using this diet (carb-cycling) and workout (TBT)(which consists of stuff like chicken breast, whole bread and rice, oats, quinoa, flax, etc.)

3400 calories
270g protein
170g fat
High - 337g, moderate - 270g, low - 200g

3 workouts per week

Sunday: High
Monday: Low
Tuesday: Moderate
Wednesday: Low
Thursday: High
Friday: Low
Sunday: Moderate

4 workouts per week

Meal 1 (upon waking up): 82.5g/67.5g/50g or 67.5g/55g/40g Carbs

  • 45g protein meal

Meal 2 (10:00) 82.5g/67.5g/50g or 67.5g/55g/40g Carbs, 45g

protein, and green veggies

Meal 3 (12:30): 45g Protein, 35g fat, and green veggies

Meal 4 (15:30): 45g Protein, 35g fat, and green veggies

Meal 5 (Post-workout, around 18:00): 45g Protein and

82.5g/67.5g/50g or 67.5g/55g/40g carb drink

Meal 6 (21:00): 82.5g/67.5g/50g or 67.5g/55g/40g Carbs + 45g

protein meal

The problem is that my workout starts at 21:00, even 22:00. I go to sleep at about 01:30... Is this really bad? how should I modify the program?



Are you sleeping until 10:00?

As long as you are sleeping enough it shouldn't be a problem. all you've done is shift your schedule back 4 (or so) hours past what i do. (workout at 17:30, bed at 21:30 or 22:00)


I wake up at 5:00 :stuck_out_tongue: but I sleep a bit during the day.. I could go to sleep 24:00 ofcourse, but then I think that my w/o is too close to it.


Do you have trouble falling asleep, and do you use any kind of workout stimulant (coffee, Spike, etc)? I know personally I can't workout too late or I'm too amped to fall asleep.

It sounds like you are not getting enough sleep throughout the night but I'm in the same boat, sleep not so long at one time but get naps at work thought my shift.

If you can fall asleep fine then the only other thing I would be worried about is can you get enough time to get your food in before bed to assist in recovery?


Well, if I go to sleep at 24:00 I have 2 hours to eat... I think that's enough? and I usually drink a cup of coffee before workouts, it's a small amount of caffeine but I think it improves my w/o :x


You sleep a bit? what does that mean.

You need more sleep.