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Working Out, It's An Addiction


I have a quick newbie question. I have been working out for a few months now and I am becoming extremely addicted to working out. I have gone from 2-3 rest days, to maybe 1 a week if that. I know not allowing my body to rest will hinder results but I find my self a little irritable and anxious if I don't workout for that day.

Instead of lifting weights I began playing basketball on my "rest days," however I am trying to bulk as I am very lean so playing basketball is probably hindering results as well. Does anyone else get antsy on their rest dasys like I do, and is playing basketball on my rest days really going to hinder my results???



Even though you're new to the Iron Game it sounds like you've done a little reading, so what I'm about to tell you may not be that revolutionary, but here goes anyway.

You only grow at rest not in the gym. The gym is where we all go to tear up the muscle fibers and the kitchen and bedroom are where they grow back bigger and stronger. However if they don't get enough nutrition and recuperation you go into a condition known as overtraining which can set you back and frustrate you to no end. It can even cause injuries. So lighten up a little. More isn't better in this situation. There is sometimes a fine line between overtraining and not training enough. It sounds like you are already putting in too much gym time let alone playing Basketball.

I recommend you train a full body routine like Chad Waterbury's training program appropriately titled "The Waterbury Method" and can be found here http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=534922 Follow his advice to the letter and you will make great gains.

I recommend if you're trying to bulk to stay away from Basketball for a while, too much cardio and too much cardio is catabolic (muscle wasting). I hope this helps.

Good luck,



Overtraining is brought up way too much. I used to be scared to death of it.

Then I decided that I could handle more than 3 days a week. I went up to 4, 5, and I'm now at about 6. Since my sleeping and eating are both sufficient, I've had no signs of overtraining yet. To those of you who will say I'm not training hard enough: my numbers continue to go up.

I've always felt anxious on my off days. I think that basketball is too high-intensity for anyone who is bulking to be playing on a regular basis. Some mild cardio, however, may be enough to relieve stress on your "non-lifting" days.


Thanks for the advice. As far as signs of over-training, are there really any signs besides not growing???? Just curious so that I know if I am or not.

Assbuster: Thanks for link and the help. I want to try Chad Waterbuy's program however I tried it once and didn't have enough time to complete a full workout. I work 13 hours and I'm given an hour and a half to go workout, that includes changing showering and being back at work. So I have roughly 40 min. to workout. Maybe I was doing the reps to slow or something but I didn't come anywhere near completing a full body work out. I will give it another try though and try and speed up the tempo. Thanks.


Obviously not getting stronger is another. Some say lack of sex drive, trouble sleeping, etc. There are several more that I can't recall. This thread (Professor X's post) is worth reading:



Take your resting heart rate a few minutes after you wake up each morning. If you see a sudden rise, then you are starting to show signs of overtraining and might need to back off a little at that point.

There are plenty of people that work out 5 days per week with great results. As long as your recovery matches induced fatigue, you will not overtrain. Either induce a ton of fatigue with long rest periods or a moderate amount with moderate rest periods or a small amount with small rest periods.

I think it's a lot worse to undertrain than overtrain.


Thanks for all the advice. I actually have had alot of trouble sleeping, but whether it is due to over training or the fact that I work nights and sleep in the day time when there are construction workers outside of the dorms making all kinds of noise, I'm not sure. maybe a little bit of both. i guess I'm going to have to take up a hobby like chess or some shit to keep my mind off of working out on my rest days.

One last question though, would playing basketball still be counterproductive even if I eat more calories on those days, or is there more factors that cause muscle waste when doing cardio besides just calorie intake?


The problem with that is, what if I have a really good dream about Carmen Elektra or something and I have a high heart rate. i wont know if it's because of the dream or overtraining. :wink: That is a good idea though thanks, i should pay more attention to my resting heart rate.


The catabolic processes are taking place while you are playing basketball and several hours afterwards. If you feel you must play basketball then be sure to load up on a good protein product of about 40g along with about 80g of high glycemic carbs like white grape juice. Here's my advice; make a shake of about 16 oz white grape juice and 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive or another high quality protein product. Consume it about 1/2 hour prior to your game. Due to the blend of rapid and slow digesting proteins in Metabolic Drive should minimize most of the catabolic activity of the basketball. As soon as possible post game eat another high protien meal combined with a high glycemic carb. Also get plenty of rest that day. It's best to play basketball on a non weight lifting day.


You could also be waking from a bad dream or just freaked out because the alarm startled the crap out of you while you were in a deep sleep. Thats why you wait a few minutes to check. I recommend anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.



If you slightly undertrain you get the same results as if you slightly overtrain, it just takes less time and is less physiologically and psychologically stressful.

Plus, if you overtrain long enough you will get injured which is when the "undertrainers" will still make progress while you don?t.


Yes, I get antcy. Im currently doing a HIT cycle, 3 weeks in, I was going to go 6, but im just going to go 1 more week....totaling 4 weeks. Im just getting to ancy to go any longer than that. Then when im done, im going back to a solid full body 3 day program for 4-6 weeks. Then i'll work myself back into a Waterbury HFT program for about 6 weeks. Then i'll do some German Volume Training, then from there i'll probally line up some more programs off T-Nation. All while hopeing to gain about 20 pounds of solid muscle over the next year. Then i'll shoot for 20 the next year after that...and so on.

You'll find lifting like an drug that you cant get high enough on & cant get off from.In the words of a legend "fly bomber".