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Working Out In What Order?

my routine currently looks like this : 2 back exercises, 2-3 chest exercises, 2-3 shoulder excercises (lower body on a different day).

when i use this order, it seems like i am getting tired halfway through my shoulder routine. whatever exercise i do last, it seems like i am not getting the full workout cause i am getting tired. should i switch up ther order in which i exercise?

It could also be because benching and whatnot also uses the shoulders so you’ve already worked them to some extent by the time you get to them. You could try changing it up I suppose. But back and chest will prolly be harder at the end if you are indeed just wearing down.

Exercise order certainly matters. One of the coaches here (I believe it was Mike Robertson), once said that in order to bring up a weakness, you should place an exercise first in your training month, first in your training week, and first in your training day. You’ll always be more focused on your first exercise.

If you’re worried about not hitting your shoulders hard enough, simply rotate the order in which you do your workout. For example:

1: Chest Back Shoulders
2: Back Shoulders Chest
3: Shoulders Back Chest

And so on.*

And remember to train lower body too =).

  • You can also hit the other three permutations, but you’ll have to figure them out yourself. Har Har.