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Working Out in the Morning


What should I be taking into consideration for working out in the morning? As in before breakfast or anything. I've being doing it for the last 2weeks and I'm happy with the results,however I'm interested in the underlying issues whether they be positive or negative. What should I be taking into consideration for exercise selection and what should I be looking at for diet. Currently I wake at 5am, warm up for 10mins then base my workout around 5 sets of 5 working sets for compound lifts with some additional sets of 3x10-15 for more specificity. Any help would be greatly appreciated and also any pointers regarding nutrition. Thanks.


Well, although I am not one of the most experienced guys here, I feel that I can make a couple of general comments. You see, for about a year and a half, I used to get up at 4AM in order to start my workout at 5AM. I mostly had the gym all to myself.

Here are my thoughts:
1. You need to give yourself a bit more time to wake up. Apparently, the fluids in your spine need some time to shift from where they are after laying down all night. That's why I would always give myself an hour before working out.

  1. For best results, I think you need some nutrients in your blood system beyond what is left over from a night's sleep. First thing I did when I got up was to drink a protein shake which included some carbs. At the very minimum I would have a piece of bread just to make sure. I don't think lifting on an empty stomach is good for strength gains or hypertrophy.

  2. Have a shower and a good breakfast afterwards and you're set up for a good day. My workout would be only an hour long and I would be able to be at work by 7 easily.

Working out early forces better night time habits. My body seemed to like the routine as I would wake mostly just before the alarm clock was about to ring.


Thanks, the point about fluid working back to the spine rings some bells in the back of my head, I seemed to have forgotten that so a big thanks for pointing that out.

Although Iâ??ve only being working out early AM for a short while, Iâ??ve being surprised by my energy through the workout and through the rest of the day.

This morning I had a couple of large spoonfuls of peanut butter and a pint of milk at the half way point which seemed to give me an extra kick.

I'll get up earlier for my next workout and try what you said.

Thanks again.


you might want to consider a protein shake or some BCAAs before your workout


I had a hard time with morning workouts for a while but they work best for my schedule. I was eating an apple with peanut butter but some days it just wasn't enough. I've since moved to a banana and protein shake as soon as I get out of bed and I haven't had any problems with it. Finding a good warm up that works for you is also important. I don't have a lot of time in the morning but I feel like I've figured out a quick warm up that protects by back and joints and gets me ready to perform at my best.


Yes, there's not much time for warming up for a morning workout before going to work. What I have done is spend a good solid 5 minutes on the rowing machine (concept2). That seems to hit my whole body and get the heart rate up nicely.

5 minutes rowing followed by a short set of sit-ups and I am good to go.


I really think all this worrying people do about fasted training is baseless. I train in the mornings best fasted, and I usually wake up and head straight to the gym. With warmups, mobility, etc, I'm not loading my spine too early to cause any problems, either. My advice is stop reverse placeboing yourself.


Ideally, youâ??d be up for a few hours so that you give your body temperature a chance to get elevated and get the fluid moving that has settled in your discs overnight. So basic stuff like a hot drink, a warm shower etc. will all help with this. And, of course, a good warm-up. My warm-ups are beyond minimal normally, when I train early I find I need to double or triple the length to perform well.


Thanks for all of the constructive feedback
,would you guys mind saying what you're doing for your warmups and mobility drills? Thanks.



Using your sleep as a fast can create a good amount of energy that often carries thru the day- just as you described o.p.

I train after I wake. I have a bannana and a S.f energy drink. A dynamic warmup I do. Begin.

Ive even used fasted states to prepare for a long night at work. Not eating but keeping hydrated keeps my energy going till the end. Whereas if I were to eat id have gotten tired and slow...

Not everything works for everyone..but as stated just dont jump ship because of on line of thought.

Good ol trial and error will get ya there.


This been doing great with training at 5 am I roll out if bed dress and going to the gym. Pro shake if I want during warm up and first sets and one after the. I am ever more retarded and won eat until my day is done 3-7pm somewhere in there


If it's a work day, bed to under the bar for a warm-up set in about 30 mintes. Gym is a few miles down the road. Work set is about 45 minutes from waking after stretching and warming-up. Some days a little sooner depending on if I hit the snooze button or not. Been working for me for years.

On a day off, still go early in the day but usually lay around for a couple hours and have a small meal.

I train on an empty stomach because I don't wake up hungry and feel fine. Workout selection is not different from when I lift mid-day. If I have to cut anything out, usually some of the lighter assistance work but that's only because of a time crunch.


Thanks. What are you guys doing for your warm up and mobility drills?


Looking into de Franco agile 8. It's on YouTube.

Also, speaking directly the to nutrition:

I also semi fasted In the AM. Intra workout shake though with
7g creatine
6g citrulline
5g arginine
5g glutamate
30g whey isolate
30g dextrose
30g waxy maize
I start sipping after a couple sets

The key points here are the protein, creatine, and carbs. Spike insulin- maintain insulin spike- get gains. It's the most anabolic hormone in your body and capitalizing in it is going to give you massive gains.


So, a bit of an update for anybody that's interested. I've been working out on a morning for a good few weeks now and all is going well. I believe that a a good 10 -15 minute warm up including mobility work has helped alot, I've also incorporated mobility work during rests between sets for the first half of each workout. Just started the 10k kettle bell challenge-1word- blisters!! Enjoying the different challenge.