Working Out in a War Zone?

How many of you are working out in Iraq or Afghanistan? Have been in Afghanistan for 4 months now and find that it is almost easier to train here than in the states. Nothing to do so no excuse not to go lift. Plus there is always a buffet open at the chow hall so nutrition (however untasty) is not a problem either. What are your experiences?

You’ll probably find more of your fellow soldiers in the war room

It’s at the bottom of the list of forums

had no time to eat at the chow hall for months, lived off of MREs and powdered eggs, lost 30 lbs was at 4.9% bf. WHAT KIND OF FUCKED UP WAR IS THIS WHEN PEOPLE GO AND GAIN WEIGHT???!

edit: i apologize. If I could do it all over again and stay on base all the time, I would do 5/3/1 for the first half and a German Volume Training for the second half.