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Working Out in a Gym w/ Windows Open & its Cold


Haahaa! That completely blindsided me.

But yeah. We had to wait till summer for that.


Ha ha being able to edit other peoples posts when you quote is a forum feature that I hope never gets changed.


I want to make a movie starring Clint Eastwood as an old Marine, where he meets a bunch of wide-eyed patriotic children and, sitting on his porch with a PBR and cigarette in hand, he looks those children right in their naive little eyes and gets down to the raw truth of just how gay the Corps can get at times.


go fuck yourself


There is a movie where he plays a old Marine


I know, I’m mixing Heartbreak Ridge, Gran Torino, and Brokeback Mountain into the most historically accurate Marine Corps movie of all time.


Wow… That’s a hell of a combo. Working tittle?


Gran(d) Heartbreak in the Back of Torino Mountain

That, or Semper Thighs


Oh man am I going to use that next time I’m working with Marines…


why would I rage from replies that I dont take seriously. turn to a group of losers for advice?you cant post to strangers and expect to get smart help. look at the degenerates responding. maybe its me whos trolling you guys


I’m sorry you didn’t gather the responses you required.
Perhaps you may find more help over on the www.bodybuilding.com forums.

Good luck with your future endevours.


No one will deny this.


You’ve been here since 2011 with threads like “My girlfriend’s upset I choose the gym instead of sex” and “How big is a barbell?”, so that’s quite the long con.

Or you’re just that dense and you’re crying sour grapes after this “How should I dress in cold weather?” thread turned out pretty much as expected.