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Working Out in a Gym w/ Windows Open & its Cold


Ditto for South Dakota. Was just negative 50 here last week.


My thermostat at home says 70…i have a room thats 55 or less inmy house.

55 isn’t that cold. But sit still in 55° with a fan on you, now you’re likely chilly. Put a sweatshirt on and move around, not so bad huh?

I can chop wood in 25 degrees with a t shirt on, i also get cold at work cause our hvac is a little fucked in our building.

There is some wierd tick with guys, we love to watch others who are cold, and even though we may feel the same, havent said anything about it, and aren’t showing it. So we get to condescend

“Huh, pussy, I’m not cold”…

Simply dress for the occasion, are you wearing shorts and a t shirt to a 40 degree gym? Wear long johns if you have to, wear sweatpants…shit wear a beanie. Don’t get caught up in the actual temperature in degrees. People say “I like it cold” only to find out they don’t actually know what temperature it is in the room that they’re comfortable in, and you find out it’s 73deg in that room. Dumb machoness.

And it’s all relative, if you want to feel comfortable in 50 degrees, go get used to 30 degrees or cooler. We had highs last week in the -15F range with wind chills down near -60…now we get 3F for a high and it feels really nice.

Problem is, now the guys at the gym now it bothers you, and they may keep the windows closed until you show up :wink:


Don’t know about anyone else but I am having a hard time taking this whole issue seriously.


If you dislike the gym that you train at so much, why not either a) train at a different gym or b) get yourself a home/garage gym?


Get the fuck outta here! Why would I rectify my issue in the easiest most obvious way possible?


Wear these under your sweat pants, you’ll get sweaty.




Isn’t your youtube watch history also filled with videos of other people being cold?

Pretty much all I watch.


OMG, I love watching cold people vids! I especially like it when they do that quick shudder thing, like they can’t contain the shivering. Hahaha, LOSERS.


I like it a little chilly, usually around 55-60 is perfect once I’m warmed up. Any warmer I’ll start dripping sweat which is really annoying. If it’s too warm (75+) my workout starts to suffer and I don’t feel like I fully recover between sets.

I think most people like it warmer, especially girls since they always seem to be cold.


I like going to Costco and watching people walk out, then try and find their keys, get their kids in and unload their groceries.

Bonus points if they drop the keys or if there’s snow in the ground.


Act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I hear it almost everyday. Last week a supervisor was scoffing at some immigrants who froze in 35deg temps. Cause that would never happen to him, cause he’s acclimated bro.

I’ve been told that 45deg on a motorcycle, in a tshirt, on the highway is ok (it’s not)…only to watch the same loser wear a jacket to work on a 50 degree morning while driving his truck to work.

Guys on our production floor will take the opportunity to point out that they are in tshirts while the office people are all wearing long sleeve shirts etc. cause their super tough!

Sometimes, I’m hot, sometimes I’m cold, I understand why though.

Do you mean to tell me you’ve never experienced this behavior? No? Bullshit, or you’re just oblivious, which I will accept.

Another angle on it is this: We will all look down one someone who is faced with a challenge that we feel we have at one point over come (in this case being cold)… This is when Humans are at their worst. Watch someone teach someone else something that they fully understand, they will laugh at the “stupid questions” being asked. They will take any opportunity to condescend, 80% of people that is.

Alright guys, there ya go. I notice what you haven’t. Doesn’t mean I/you are right/wrong, it just means that I have noticed it and kept track of it cause I think its a low-quality trait (looking down on others that haven’t overcome a specific challenge) that I would like to avoid having. Retort, flame, last word, it’s all yours!


Well, I mean, that IS above freezing…


I feel silly now for replying to this thread before reading all of the great posts before mine.

Live and learn I suppose #TeamPecSweat


I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I spent 1.5 months outside training with Korean Marines (ROK Marines) in the mountains in Korea. In winter. We were all cold and miserable, and come rack time, we would double up inside sleeping bags.

This straight up means you’re right and I’m wrong.

It’s obvious what’s going on here- you and the OP go to the same gym.


Interesting. So tell me, how long before some pec sweat would start to build up? Leave no details out.


Sweat wasn’t the bodily fluid we wanted running down our pecs, big boy.


100% accurate.


I saw this happen to my buddy from Puerto Rico. He went from sunny and 70 to sub zero in western PA within the span of 12 hrs. That dude was in shock for a week. We didn’t fuck with him though. He was a bad ass with a blow torch so we gave him all of the cutting and stuff to do until he got geared up.

First snowfall later that year and he was on a plane back in the blink of an eye though.


Because lack of sweat right?