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Working Out in a Gym w/ Windows Open & its Cold


But what if an aszwipes comes, has a grump, closes the windows and it gets all hot and stuffy?


Just a thought here, maybe the situation could have been handled politely?

I have never responded to a question in the gym like… “hey buddy do you mind if I close these windows for a little while?” With a rude “no get lost”

But I have reopened a window someone has just marched over and closed.


She’s lucky he didn’t get fed up and hit her with his purse.


well the windows are always open. many of them. I just come and shut some of the windows where I workout.

something is very wrong with a person if you need to have such cold to train because you cant sweat. if youre suffering so much in the winter how do you live in the summer?
one guy finished doing elliptical and had a light sweat and was suffering. people do moderate walking on the treadmill and have fans on them, IN THE WINTER!

youre not a healthy person if youre suffering in the winter with the cold inside the gym

and its not just 1 person, its the mass of them. and the gym is lengthwise long so I get bombarded by fans from 1 side and the windows from the other side.

goto the fuckin doctor if youre suffering from heat from doing aerobics on a machine with the fan on you in the winter

I hate wearing sweatshirts when I do my sets because it interrupts my mobility in the movement.

how cold are you talking in the first place?
outside its 55°f so figure inside is around 60°f

its not that I cant handle cold. I CAN handle the highest range of temps then most anyone.
I drive on my scooter long distances in the rain and 45° weather day and nights in the winter, and in the blistering 100° f summer with a full face helmet. (not a flip up), so I can handle it with ease. its not that im cold, its that its too cold to workout. big difference.
when I work out, I prefer 70° so I can get a good sweat and get my muscles relaxed. if im on the treadmill(eliptical is for pussies) 65° is just fine.

Do 10 sprints with 60 sec rest. You’ll sweat

thanks but not interested. I dont even take a break between warmup sets and the treadmill. its back and forth between a warmup set, and treadmill, 5 times.and that should be more then enough to get you start a sweat and yet no sweating. because its too cold. yesterday not 1 drop of sweat on my sternum from weights, and almost no sweat with doing 30 minutes moderate walking with my sweatshirt on.

I just renewed my memberhsip. will cancel all the checks and goto another.


If it’s 60 degrees and you are the only one having having problems, I would think it’s YOU who is unhealthy. Had a thyroid panel done lately?


You need to calm down, my man. This is not cold. We all thought you were training in 40 degrees and could see your breath. Put a sweatshirt on, and stop relying on

as a metric for good workouts.


This is exactly what I was thinking.

Also, lol at


Who cares if its too cold so you’re not sweating. Just train and not worry about it


Man… “I am too cold when people open windows” is quite possibly the easiest problem you will ever need to solve in your life. How this is causing you any grief is beyond me.

The simplest option would be to change your dumbass opinion.


That’s kind of a let down.

Could you tell me again about this sweaty chest?

Go into detail. Tell me what else you’re wearing. How hard you’re working.


I lost it. Thank you for making my day pal.


Get one of these. You’ll be warm and no one will mess with you.


I hate it when gym’s drinking fountains are warmer than 43F. It ruins every workout. Also, fluorescent light is garbage. I can only get a good workout with highbay LEDs set to 4K color.

One more thing, if the gym mats are thinner that 5/8”, then I don’t get enough cushion for squats and bench. I refuse to do those movements in such gyms.


And why are all these weights so goddamn heavy?


Are they gravity weights?


In all seriousness, if it bothers you that much why don’t you just change gyms?


This guy’s gonna rage when he gets back here


Why? Did you leave the window opened again?


just do the fucking sprints…


Trolling troll is trolling trollishly…