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Working Out in a Gym w/ Windows Open & its Cold

what temperature do you prefer to train in? If I cant get a sweat going.I feel my muscles cant go heavy at the gym though the windows are open and it gets quite cold.

I don’t like training in general.

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thats not a gym. your video is irrelevant

lets stay on topic please

That’s my gym.

When I trained in the garage in North Dakota, it got to -60 with windchill outside. Had to layer/use heat dishes so that my hands wouldn’t freeze to the metal


well you are not the norm. im talking about commercial big gyms with memberships. not people who like to train in the snow and freezing cold

I cant get a sweat started even after 5 warmup sets with doing the treadmill in between those sets without any rest. even after ,my workout I do 30 minutes aerobics (fast walking) and cant get a proper sweat.

sorry buddy, again you are not the norm. im aiming my post to those who train at the big gyms.

I see you have to heaters on you. I would love to have heaters on me at the gym, but its cold as a mf there.

To clarify, I don’t like doing that.

I also can’t sweat in these conditions.

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good squats man!.
if I dont start sweating (sweat in between my pecs) the workout is crap imo. and no one there trains seriously. all these planet fitness kind. I want to military press them over my head and throw them out the window. it drives me crazy to breathe cold air when im working out.

Keep it up. It makes you tougher. And then, when you don’t have to do that, you’ll perform even better.


the problem is the cold wind “freezes/locks” my body up.

maybe I should go postal like in the US haha. no im jk. throw them out the window is better

no one there trains seriously. all pussies there with their iphone and earpods talking on the phone while they do their sets.

god forbid they work hard and sweat.

You’ll adapt if you keep doing it. Believe me.

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Once I’m sufficiently warmed up it doesn’t really matter (providing I’m not outside in the middle of a freakin blizzard of course).

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I did my workout, without a drop of sweat (usually I start sweating in my sternum) and then went to do moderate paced walking for 30 minutes. with my sweatshirt. very little sweating.

aszwipes kept opening the windows, I closed them. I had a big argument with some fatmouthed guy. I wanted to throw him out the window.

I have this issue with them all the time. I moved up north a bit ( living in the M.E.) and there its colder then the central city area so the people are more used to the cold. but I have to believe something is wrong with you if your tolerance for sweat or heat is so low, that with windows open you need a fan on you… in the winter mind you.,how do you not explode when you goto the beach or even outside in the summer? how did people survive to workout out in the blistering heat at venice beach? dumb fecks.

no one can say shet about my tolerance for cold or hot. I drive my burgman 400 scooter in the winter when its raining buckets and wear a full face helmet in the blistering heat in the summer. so its not that I cant tolerate it. its that I want my muscles to be warm and ready to sweat.

My preference for winter is 50-55 degrees, though I have trouble with weights being cold for my hands at those temperatures.

In summer I cope with the heat, but winter is when I get to close off my space and heat it only to my preference. I’d be a window-opener at a gym if it was warm, no doubt. I hate hotel gyms because they’re so hot.

Not sure why you’re so sluggish, OP, if you’re doing a reasonable warmup. Maybe do something with the speed or incline on the treadmill? Like @GorillaMon once I’m warmed up I don’t feel cold.

Do 10 sprints with 60 sec rest. You’ll sweat

Now cold are you talking in the first place?

Won’t the sweat freeze into you or something of the sort?

Was this a creative way to say i have ice in my veins?

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Lol might as well have been. I meant onto instead of into though.

I found the trick is to be too cold to sweat.

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