Working out (im sure you get this all the time)

Hey hows it going, im sure you get this all the time. But my friend and myself just started working out for the last month and are a little confused.

Were not really sure on how to work out. We’ve gotten everything from Work the heaviest weights you can handle, and do as many reps as possible, and after that lower the weight until your at the bar.

Or work Low weights and work yourself up.

Which is the best way to work out? We are trying to get bigger, not toning.



Well, you’re off to a good start by coming to T-mag. The next step is to use the t-mag search engine. This is the best way to learn. The main thing is to just keep asking questions and to read. Try an Ian King or Charles Poliquin workout for starters. Also check under Dawg School.

there is no best way, everyone is different, that’s the cool thing. read the articles in this mag, starting with this weeks. laters pk

The best way to work out? At this stage for you guys? Read the back issues of T-mag.

Hoo Boy… read every back issue of T-Mag and then see if you still need to ask this question.

Lift a weight heavy enough so the 15th rep is difficult. Perform 2 sets per exercise, and up to 3 exercises per body part. Eat a lot of food (4,000+ calories) and make sure you get at least 200 grams of casein protein per day. If you follow this advice, you can easily pack on 10-20 lbs of muscle in 6 months, if you are new to lifting.

When first starting out with weight training, I think it’s important to use the basic exercises, medium-to-high-rep ranges (8-15) and perfect form. Your body needs a break-in period to become accustomed to the work it will be doing. I suggest you read “The Beginner’s Blast-off Program” found here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

For diet/nutrition information, be sure to check out the "Diet Manifesto" found here:

Two words: back issues!

One of those “Dawg School” articles also has a top 10 mistakes made by newbies. Be sure and find that one and read it. Just go to the previous issues section or put “Dawg School” in the T-mag search engine. Chris Shugart is the author.

Okay, I ws a little harsh in my earlier post. So here’s the deal. First, show your dedication to your goals by going out and finding the knowledge. T-mag back issues is the best place to start. Then, if you have specific questions about what you read there, ask them here or Reader Mail.