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Working Out for the Past 5 Months


ok im a 17 year old, and ive been working out for the past 5 months and ive seen some really great improvements,, but i wanna be like vin deisel i heard there were things called muscle supplements and stuff like createin that could help. is that true will these suppleents help me?? please guys ive been really looking hard to try and find help. do you have any answers if so please comment this or PM me.



Nah, supps won't help you bud.

Instead tell your mom and dad you're going "All Soy" and that nothing touches your lips unless it's a soy product. You wanna eat soy and ONLY soy. Head down to one of the local asian markets and get a monster bulk bag of the stuff and put it beside your bed.

When you get hungry, get your Rambo knife and cut off a slab and woof it back.

You need to hit the can? Take your Soy to Go! Do you business, pull out your Rambo knife and cut off another slab.

Soy is your friend. You will be ripped up like Vin Deisel in no time (he's a huge soy monster by the way)

Oh and plus all the granola chicks will be all over you giving you some major hippie love. When you polish off some chick, again cut off a slab ol' soy and slam it back.

You remember Arnold? Back in the day, he used to bathe with soy for it's stimulating effect. Even his training partners would all take turns with soy enemas. You mom and dad might be able to give you a hand with that part of it, but man, those soy enemas will get you pumped fast!


hey thanls i really appreciate it, you dont understand how nice it is to have someone help you out, ive been really trying to build hard for a while now and i feel stuck, ive went from my bech max 115 to 140 in about a month but im kinda stuck and honestly im really fucking tired of kids in my school thinking im small, how long till ill be able to shake someones hand and they'll know i mean bus.???


also.. what exactly is soy product??




Oh come on, this is the beginners area sure there are going to be stupid questions like this but the trolls usually at least go to the other section of the forums. Here you can at least give a little bit of help.

To the original poster, avoid soy. Read articles on here and read the beginner section stickies.