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Working Out for Just Over a Year


I have been working out for just over a year. From 170 to 130 in just over 13 months. I am bulking right now want to get to 145.




There, fixed it for you.


You look pretty good for 130lbs, but I agree with niksamaras, aim a little higher than 145.


Thanks. I have been trying to gain for a few weeks now but doesn't seem to have much effect so far. Eaqqting meal plan given to me by local nutrition shop along with a gainer. Week two is complete with no gain.


What ism b.o.h.I.c


My recommended staples for bulking:

Meat/fish of all sorts
Natural peanut butter
Extra virgin olive oil
Greek Yogurt
String cheese

Niksamras is right, too. Aim at least for the high 100's before you re-evaluate. Don't even consider a cut under 200 lbs unless you are a really short dude.


Bend over here it comes,lol. I agree with the others, shot higher than 145 unless you are terrified of getting fat. Good luck to you, keep at it.