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Working Out for 3 Months...Advice on What to do Now


i started strength training a little over 2 months ago.

here is the last workout i done weight i lifted included.

bench press..210x5..220x5..230x5...240x5...270x1
shoulder shrug..225x10..275x10..360x5.450x5..500x5..550x2
seated tricep pushdowns...270x15..270x15..270x15
seated military press..140x5..140x5..140x5..140x5
deadlift..have not done
squat..have not done it

since i started taking creatine all my lifts have started soaring.

before taking SIZE-ON i would be lucky to get 225lb bench up once and i am not kidding either!

a lot of the people at the gym get all pissed off at me because they think i am on some type of black market drug or something..??

now my question is this.

should i keep doing this routine adding 5lbs every 2 weeks or start doing a traditional 5x5 routine.

and i was told not to do 5 sets an 5 reps of the same weight why is that??

sorry about the banter i am just trying to make my post informative as possible..

oh yeah i weight in a 239lbs...173lbs of muscle and 60+ pounds of fat.yep i had my body fat tested,,heh.


forgot to mention before strength traing i was doing 3 sets of 10 with light weight getting nowher thats the first month that in my opinion i wasted i gained size but not strength..


Start squatting and deadlifting.

And if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

If you're continuing to make progress working out the way you're doing it keep doing it until it stops working.


+1 Enjoy yours novice gains as long as possible...


Yeah, enjoy your gains as long as there happening. But obviously they will stop eventually. My best advice to you is this. You have 3 types of muscle fibers, slow twitch, fast twitch-high recovery, fast twitch-slow recovery.

In order to work all 3 types, you must do 3 different workouts. Heavy weight low reps 4-6, Medium weight 8-12 reps, and light weight 20-25 reps. Our bodies adapt to what we do, if you always do the same workout, with the same rep scheme, yur body will just get use to it and you won't shock your system anymore.

I change my reps as described above every two weeks and it works great for me. Change your workouts as often as you'd like, it's just going to help you. And just so you know, when you do the 25 rep. workout it hurts worse than doing heavy weight. I hope this helped.