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Working Out for 1.5 Years, Improvement Tips Please?

As per title, I’ve been gymming for a year and a half now, start with machine chest press(not being able to even lift the bar) to 100lbs benching. Would you guys actually say its good? Well i thought it was good progress at first, until i got stagnant at that weight for half a year now… even with a spotter i can get up a little but after a week it goes back down… Any tips on that?
Also i’m not getting any significant aesthetic difference, is it true that if you don’t train legs, your upper body won’t grow…(i do it like once every 2 weeks cause i take a very heavy bike to the gym, and im worried that i can’t ride back… never tried)

5’'11 w/ 130 lbs body weight… use to be around 115 lbs, should i take mass gainers?

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your diet is likely to be way more of a problem than your training.

Post what a typical day’s eating looks like for you. Be honest! The more honest you are the easier it’ll be to help you.

x2 on the eating.

As for the training, I definitely have my doubts about how effective your programming is if it lets you get away with training legs once every 2 weeks. If you’re worried about biking home, then either start training legs with very low intensity and work your way up or find out if it’s going to be a problem on a day that you have a lot of free time to get home if you need to. You can either make excuses or gains, pick one.

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I hate to say it but yeah when that underweight a tub or two of mass gainer wont hurt. Obviously you need to power down loads of quality food. -Tons of lean beef, eggs, rice, greens etc

Get on a proven program. Try this…

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Don’t be tempted by quick fixes. Youre on the right path, just keep going while you are adding weight and increase meal size when it stops.

Adding a bunch of dried milk powder loaded with sugar isn’t the answer.

I agree with this for the long haul, but I can relate to this guy as I used to be around the same size. If you really know what & how to eat this is the better option, but when I was in his shoes I had no idea what eating properly really looked like. Having the option to chug a couple of big calorie-dense shakes made a huge difference.

I still do that sort of but with a much better shake loaded with protein, bananas, nut butters, fruits & sometimes oats.

actaully OP, eat three squares consisting of a loaded plate of meat/eggs, veggies/fruit, & rice or oats. After you eat this plate, drink one of these shakes above.

And, as mentioned proven program of your choosing. No self-programming. & train your legs man. Unless you’re gym is in the Tour De France’s route, suck it up!

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Yeah mass gainers kinda suck. Most are just tons of simple sugars. Sometimes I buy a cheap, shitty mass gainer and I’ll add like a quarter of the recommended amount if I want to add some carbs to my shake.

TBH, I’ve kind of stopped supplementing all that much and haven’t noticed a huge drop in my training. Creatine definitely affects my performance, though.

Also, OP, I started out doing a lot of night time eating, in order to be able to cram all those calories in. Then tried to eat a big breakfast. It was tough at first, but I started being able to eat bigger breakfasts with time.

forcing down a big breakfast is the worst thing ever, but if you need to eat a lot over the course of the day to gain then you’ve just got to suck it up and get it done.

Thanks for the advice peeps, well reason I’m going for mass gainer cause i usually skip breakfast and occasionally lunch… So diet is definitely my biggest issue here, very honestly i skip breakfast, go for normal lunch, heavy dinner, sleep within an hour after dinner, and wake up middle of night to do assignments lol
If you guys put it that way on my leg training, I’m definitely giving excuses. Gonna start with low intensity legs when I’m finished with this weeks hectic workload(Even 30 body weight squats is a struggle for me now though :confused: i shall still start)
Yeah those quick fixes are really tempting haha, tried shakes a couple of times, noticed improvements in size within 2 weeks…

Conclusion: I’ll go on a month of proper dieting, if there’s no change in weight, then I plan to add slight weight gainers into my diet as well, but does it work if i occasionally take it only? Like maybe twice a week after a heavy workout, meals stay consistent and large of course. And I’ll start training my legs I have a crap routine for legs…

well gee, maybe this has something to do with your problem.

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We’re done here.

Asking if you need supplements when you won’t eat food is dumb. They’re called supplements for a reason - they supplement a quality diet, not replace it.