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Working Out First Thing in The Morning

I working out first thing in the morning at about 6 am. I have tried going without a meal and just a pre workout Supp and I have tried waking up a little earlier and drinking a protein shake and then 45 minutes later my pre workout.

I honestly feel no difference.

Some say working out first thing on an empty stomach is best for Fat burning and some say it is totally stupid.

Whats everyone’s opinion?

I can tell you that even people who work out fasted have BCAAs before lifting. Advocates of Intermittent Fasting say that the benefits of having amino acids in your system is essential, and far outweigh the drawback of slightly higher insulin levels.

Weights: totally stupid

Cardio: Good thing

If you want to LIFT first thing in the morning:
Wake up 2hours prior
Caffine tab+coffee
2ltrs water + electrolytes
(1/2 hour before gym) shake 50g protein, 50-100g carbs

this is how i set deadlift prs at 6.30am

Same thing here caveman. I get my westside done at 6-7:30 am four times a week and hit a 50g whey shake with about 75g carb about 45 minutes prior, then during down another 30-50g whey, post w/o would be a 4:1 carb/whey/cassein blend. Usually breakfast is within the hour after last lift.

Love that first cup of coffee as well !

If YOU feel no difference then do what you prefer, but I would at least get some bcaa’s before you lift even if your goal is fat loss. I lift first thing in the morning. I’ll drink about 32oz of water as soon as I wake up (just a habit, but I think it helps). 15 min before my wo I drink between 10-12g bcaas with glutamine , then 200mg caff tab right when i get to the gym. usually about a third of the way through my workout I’ll sip on a packet of propel mixed with another 10-12g bcaa and glutamine, usually finish it before starting my last exercise. my PWO shake is a 1:3 ratio of protein to carbs, and a tbls of coco oil (plus creatine and beta alanine).

However, I usually do eat a carb heavy meal before bed time, and it is the only reason I don’t have carbs before my wo. in the morning. I have been doing this for a while and have been steadily making strength, weight, and size gains.